“KNOW WHO YOU ARE” by Alan Alston Sr.

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ReadersMagnet | Inspired by others to keep sharing encouragement to the world, I press onward, continuing the mission. Progression is motion to gradually move toward advancement spite the condition. Knowing, we must deliberately believe with absolute certainty that we posse awareness and an understanding of who we are. Just recognize that life experiences will appear enormous, and some instances will leave a terrible scar. Know your worth. When a person has doubt of what is unknown we waiver in progression and sometimes we quit all together. So if you know who you are you don’t have to be afraid of the disasters of life we can brace ourselves for inclement weather.

Who, represents the person that we are spite how the world tries to define us. You are not in a box with the cookie cutter syndrome. You are fearfully and wonderfully made with flaws so that perfection can be sought after, spiritually. What is the blood that flows through a human beings’ body? That blood is the Spirit of Life which makes us more than flesh and bone. Some choice words that we speak over ourselves are like a transfusion that can sustain life. If we are willing to share from the treasures of the heart to edify one another we gain. You are who you are, whether in public or private. Identify yourself as you look into a mirror. Do you see what great potential that you posse? You will progress when you tap into the source from which all good things come from. If your circumstances are trouble-some and life right now is bleak then hold on with all your might because giving up is not who you are. YOU ARE MORE, YOU ARE EVERTHING, YOU ARE MY HOPE and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Are pertains to you personally. Who is like you? Nothing or No one. What you are, is significant and unique. The memories that we impress on other people we encounter everyday gives one view but the details of you that are being recorded as you live life is another. The world’s view of morality can choke the life out of an innocent you if you let your guards down. Just look in the mirror, realize your potential and embrace your scars. Focus on a journey that lies beyond the stars. The Creator is a Potter who over fills us spiritually like water in jars He’d made. Flowing with greatness, you KNOW WHO YOU ARE and that will never fade.


  1. Keleshia Alston

    I’m Always Excited To read your inspiration it inspires me. Continue pressing and allowing God to use you. We all need encouragement and remember who we are. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.!! Outstanding My Love.!!😘💜😇💕😇

  2. Jermayne Williams

    Just started reading, your words are inspiring some hit home for me ,bro thanks keep pushing may god feed your soul to thanks for giving back stay blessed


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