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Thank you, Author’s Lounge, for featuring me on your platform. My enchanting children’s books, “Bad Pig’s Party” and “Mr Mousetivator,” transport readers to a world where love prevails and courage and determination triumph over size. Join the lovable and pint-sized hero, Mr Mousetivator, as he embarks on hilarious and heartwarming adventures. But the stories don’t end there—prepare to meet a captivating cast of animal characters, including a determined pig who refuses to give up on her dreams of flight and a mischievous bunny guardian angel. In “Bad Pig’s Party,” you’ll encounter a group of mice on a quest for the legendary cheese of the gods – chocolate infused! Both books combine one-liners, laugh-out-loud moments, and emotional experiences. These delightful storybooks are perfect for families to enjoy together at bedtime. So get ready to be captivated by Bad Pig’s impressive dance moves at his epic surprise party and by Mr Mousetivator, the most courageous, humorous, and inspiring mouse you’ll ever meet!

Inspiration from Small Heroes

As a primary school teacher, I draw deep inspiration from my experiences and observations of small, determined individuals who defy expectations and demonstrate remarkable courage. I’ve witnessed instances where children have overcome bullying or stood up for themselves despite their physical stature. Children’s resilience and tenacity have moved me, observing their unwavering determination to face challenges. I combine these experiences with my love for animals and draw inspiration from the power of imagination and the magic of storytelling. It’s crucial for children to believe in their limitless creative potential, as some fear writing due to the fear of failure. I want them to feel that anything is possible simply by putting pencil to paper! Also, parents or caregivers should share inspiring, uplifting, and heartwarming tales with young readers to remind them that abilities and greatness transcend size or background.

Target Audience and Developmental Benefits

“Mr Mousetivator” and “Bad Pig’s Party” are perfect for children aged 4 to 8. This age range typically embraces picture books and stories that blend humour, adventure, and heartwarming messages. The playful and whimsical nature of the books, coupled with relatable themes of love conquering evil, confidence, courage, diversity, inclusion and determination, make them appealing to young readers. The wit throughout and charming animal characters will make them smile and capture their imaginations. At the same time, the moral lessons woven throughout the stories will resonate with their evolving values and understanding of the world.


Educators can use these stories to aid children’s personal, social, and emotional development. Parents and caregivers can also enjoy reading “Mr Mousetivator” and “Bad Pig’s Party” to their children as bedtime stories, nurturing a love for reading and writing and creating lasting memories.

Positive Messages and Experiences

I hope readers of “Mr Mousetivator” and “Bad Pig’s Party” take away multiple positive messages and experiences. First and foremost, I aim to inspire them with the courage and determination displayed by the characters, showing that bravery and resilience can emerge from unexpected sources. Furthermore, I hope readers grasp the significance of standing up against bullying and various forms of injustice. Through these books, I encourage young readers to advocate for themselves and others, fostering empathy, kindness, fairness, courage, inclusion, diversity, and teamwork. Moreover, I hope these stories ignite readers’ imaginations and nurture their sense of wonder.

Deep Affinity for Nature

With its pure beauty, nature is like a magical wonderland that holds a special place in my heart. You can see this theme often reflected in the stories I write. When children read my books, they’ll discover these wonders and think about how important they are. It’s our responsibility to impart to the younger generation the need to safeguard the habitats of various large and small creatures. We are all responsible for protecting green spaces and ensuring animals and minibeasts have safe homes. Nature is so beautiful that even the tiniest parts are full of enchantment and wonder.

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Look out for King Can’t Sing, a rhyming picture book coming soon!


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