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“The Darling,” book one of the Ionian Continent Series, is a young adult/new adult novel about Princess Eva Rose Elizabeth Montgomery, the darling of Geneva. Eva Rose was not born to be anything but a showpiece, to be seen but not to speak. But all of that changed when her older brother abdicated. Suddenly Crown Princess of Geneva, the future she had envisioned vanished, along with her freedom. Controlled by King Christiansen, she is forced into an engagement with Prince Wyatt, the second born twin of Stratford, to avert a war with Hanover. But when she meets the king who wants to claim her country as his own, she isn’t sure her future marriage will deter him. In fact, her engagement may even be a catalyst for the violence they had sought to avoid. Now, Eva Rose is not just a crown princess or the darling of Geneva, but a pawn to be used by powerful men. But Eva Rose has power of her own, if only she can learn to yield it. For if she can embrace herself, learn to be seen and to speak, she can save more than just her own life. She can save her country. And, in doing so, she may find her freedom. But if she fails, she will lose more than just herself. She will lose Geneva.

“The Darling” was the #1 new release in Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction & Dystopian Romance eBooks on Amazon when it was published in May 2024, and it proceeded to be ranked in the top 50 in sales ranks in Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction & Dystopian Romance eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Survival Stories eBooks, and Teen & Young Adult Sci-Fi Action & Adventure eBooks in its first week of publication. Join the other readers who have already discovered “The Darling” by buying your paperback or eBook on Amazon today, or read “The Darling” for free with Kindle Unlimited.

“The Queen” and “The Rebel,” books two and three of the Ionian Continent Series, will be released later this year. Those of you in the Author’s Lounge who are fans of romances amid warring nations and scheming royal families, this may be the series for you.

Kienzle H. Frame, author of the Ionian Continent Series, grew up outside of Philadelphia and attended graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. Before pursing her writing career, Kienzle worked in the mental health and legal fields, fostering her passion for social justice. Inspired by all the strong women who have fought for a more equitable world, Kienzle wrote “The Darling” as an ode to them. Kienzle hopes each reader will be inspired by Eva Rose to fight for what they believe in, making their own corners of the world a better place for all who live there. “The Darling” is her debut novel. When she is not writing about gutsy women and social justice issues, Kienzle H. Frame can be found with a tennis racquet, a book or a horse, daydreaming about what happens next on the Ionian Continent.

To connect with Kienzle H. Frame, sign up for her email list, follow her on Facebook and send her an email at [email protected]. When you sign up for Kienzle’s email list, you will receive a free copy of “The Pawn,” a prequel to “The Darling.” Discover more about Eva Rose by downloading this free Ionian Continent short story today.

On the Ionian Continent, war is brewing, romance is blossoming, and people’s emotions are boiling over. Join Crown Princess Eva Rose Elizabeth Montgomery in “The Darling” as she fights enemies abroad and within to protect her country and to save her people…and maybe even herself.


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