Katera Rising

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You might be wondering, “Who is this random posting in this Authors’ Lounge?”
Well, I am here to answer that question.

I am J.D. Evergreen. What? You haven’t heard of me?
That’s probably because I am a newly self-published author. I love writing, but up until recently I have been doing it in secret. I guess I was afraid of judgement. It took a long time to realise if I want people to read my books, the readers first need to know my books exist. Catch twenty-two, right?

Well in the end, my conclusion was that what my books have to say is important. All my books include a same sex relationship that is healthy and normalised while an engaging fantasy story or rebellion rages around them. The LGBTQIA+ component is by no means the dominant part of my stories, but it is perhaps some of the most important content.
Being a member of this community myself, my wife and I scoured the internet and local book shops looking for stories that represented people like us. Guess what we found?
Yep. Not much.

I spent a while being frustrated about the lack of representation I felt in books before I realised. I could write them. I love to write, and I had already stashed a bunch of half written stories with characters like me on my laptop. Finally, this gave me the motivation to finish these books and to publish them.
And this time, I’m going to do it loudly.

Now that we know why you are reading about this random person (my name is Jess by the way).

I can tell you a little about myself without it seeming overly weird.
I live in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula with my wife and almost two-year-old twins. Before you ask, yes, I kissed a girl, and I liked it.
My hands are full and yes, they are double the trouble.
I am great to go on walks with, especially if you like to stop and look at things every five steps and engage in deep philosophical conversations about the thoughts of bees (or something else I have spotted that day).
If you want to know more fun things about me you can check out my Facebook or twitter page. I would love it if you could send me a little confidence with a like or a follow on my social pages.


I know, smooth link drop right?

My most recent fantasy book is Katera Rising: Book One.

Here is a very short passage about it. If you want a longer one visit any of my social medias for that and other exclusive content (like an interview with Claire!)

My name is Claire, but to my captors, I am known as 1408. I am the second generation to be enslaved by the sorcerer and self-proclaimed Emperor of Shadowsoul. But my world is shaken by a chance to change everything, a family heirloom that works under mysterious conditions and a woman I find myself thinking about far too often. Unfortunately, the emperor will use his beasts, power, and resources to crush anyone and anything that threatens to shake up his world order. Including an escapee who is accidentally elbows deep in magic and in possession of something the emperor believed lost and fears above all.

If you are super interested, please grab a copy on Amazon today, your support means a lot. Amazon Book 

Well, that all from me today! I’m off to go create some worlds, converse with imaginary people, and build a fictional story line.
I haven’t decided yet if this means I am crazy or creative. But then again, why not be both?

Have a great day!


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