Book Feature: July in August: One Girl’s Struggles with an Opioid Addicted Mother by Maryjo Paradis-Smith

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Growing up with a parental figure who is addicted to drugs, especially if a child has younger siblings in the household, and that’s what July in August showcases in its story.

July in August: One Girl’s Struggles with an Opioid Addicted Mother by Maryjo Paradis-Smith is a book that centers around a child’s struggle with an opioid addicted mother. The child in this story, July Krativitiz, has to decide to either stay in the house to protect her two-year-old brother from their mother who is addicted to opioids or should she go to school despite the risks.

Today, we will be taking a deeper look at the book and answer questions like “What the book’s story is all about?”, “What message is the tale trying to deliver?”, or “Is July in August worth reading?”

What is the Focal Point of July in August All About?

With her lovely two-year-old brother Abe, July Krativitiz, 12, resides in Maplewood, New Hampshire, with her drug-addicted mother. Life for July is challenging. Her mother is frequently too high to look after her younger brother. Therefore, July needs to either stay at home to watch over him or ask God to keep him safe while she is at school.

An elderly neighbor named Mary White provides assistance. However, Mrs. White makes extremely drastic decisions after learning what is happening to July’s mother. She kidnaps the kids and takes them to a remote lake home where she believes they will always be safe.

However, Mrs. White wasn’t exactly the type of neighbor readers thought she was, and July soon discovers this. Roger, Abe’s father, then arrives to collect his son so they can spend the weekend together. As he ascends the steps, he realizes something is awry since the place is strangely quiet and smells like rotting potatoes.

He enters the apartment and discovers July’s mother lying dead on the floor, with no indication of the kids. Roger sets out on a quest to track down the murderer of July, Abe, and their mother.

What Message Does the Book Want to Convey?

The book focuses on what it’s like for a child, and the dangers of, living with a drug-addicted mother. July in August explores a child’s struggle with an opioid addicted mother and why we must notice them and help them.

We should view these kids, and the situation they’re in, as individuals who are in danger. Drug-addicted parents often neglect their children, resulting in bad outcomes that jeopardize the child. Overall, the message the book wants to convey is to promote safety for children in situations like this.

It also highlights how much aid the drug-addicted mother needs to overcome addiction. Their addiction has rendered them incapable of caring for their child, which they most likely didn’t mean to do. Addiction is a complex and harrowing health and mental issue that ends badly for their family.

Is July Krativitiz’s Story Worth Reading?

Stories that revolve around children are always interesting. However, some of the tropes can be boring. Tropes like the child who rebels and gets into trouble, for example, is one of the tropes many writers use.

But in this case, July in August‘s story is unique or a subject that only a few writers talk about. Here is what a reader had to say about the book:

I thought the story was well written and quite engaging for a young adult novel. The author did a good job of giving the young protagonist an authentic voice. I also thought the perspective from the father/stepfather was well done…

Get Yourself a Copy of the Maryjo Paradis-Smith’s Book Today 

Maryjo Paradis-Smith has written an excellent book with July Krativitiz’s tale. Readers will enjoy a story they won’t be able to put down ’til the end. This story about a child’s struggle with an opioid addicted mother is a fantastic addition to any bookshelf.

With that said, go on and visit Maryjo’s website by clicking here, and order a copy of July in August: One Girl’s Struggles with an Opioid Addicted Mother today!


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