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Moving out is something difficult and one feels separation anxiety. It is like a child who separates from his/her parent and wanders into space. The process takes a long time to adapt to the new environment.
Every journey to another place, be it permanent or temporary, takes a lot of guts and emotion as well as resources. Migration needs ample time to think about and decide because there are so many factors to consider. Here is a checklist:

1. We have to check the area. It is important to search over the internet some important institutions like schools, banks, hospitals, police stations, malls, stores, the seaport and airport, and church but it is better to have an ocular inspection for all these to familiarize in case of emergency.

2. We also have to check history. Is the place earthquake- or flood-prone? Is it too cold or too warm? Is the house to transfer safe enough to protect you from such calamities? Are the children ready to leave their friends? Children value their friends so much and are shy to make some new ones. For them, friends are as important as their families. Would they be ready to meet new friends and start anew? Is the culture easy to adjust to? Is there a language barrier? Does it have the same time zone?

3. Is the house/area animal-friendly? Does it have a wide area enough for the dogs to run around? Do your new neighbors or community allow animals? Are the neighbors too near your house? There should be enough privacy so that you sleep in peace and wake up to your desired time. There should be harmony around you.

4. It is very difficult to bring all your valuable things. We have to accept that not all things can be brought to our new destination. If one has to bring everything, this means a lot of money to spend. One has to adjust to the new house and environment and has to buy new furniture, utensils and appliances to fill up the house’s necessities.

5. Another factor to consider is the safety of the place. For me, this is the most important consideration. Protection and safety are what our family needs. Check for police visibility and distance to hospitals and police stations. Check the crime rate. It is better to be safe than be sorry.

I presume that one is transferring to another location because of a single reason but everything has to follow so it is very important that every voice in the family be heard. If the whole family is transferring, I advise that each and every one shall make a long list, discuss it with the rest of the family members, and then create a shortlist. Everyone must be considerate and make some sacrifices for the other. Always remember that you go as one, and experience the new journey as one. It may be difficult at first, but with every one’s love and support, you will be okay eventually.

If you are transferring alone, it is more difficult but always remember safety first. Always check your purse, your phone and your surroundings until you are confident enough to roam around town. Meet new friends and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Always record everything you do and see, familiarity-wise. It is normal to be homesick at first, but being with new friends and a new job perhaps, will give you a fresh start.
Transferring to another place or country is not always a sad story. Most of the time, it is full of excitement and interest. Travel goals, anyone?


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