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by | Oct 7, 2019 | Author of the week | 2 comments

About the Author

Jo Anna Mike Simmons lives in Alexandria Louisiana along with her family of real life superheroes. She resides with husband: The Strong and Nice and her two uniquely incredible powered children. When Jo Anna is not helping people get connected to God through His Word in the outlet of her current assignment at Bridge University and Christ International Bible College, she is writing poetry, reading and spreading her passion for Christ with others. Jo Anna is suited up to use the power that God has given her to launch a legacy that will help and strengthen others to receive healing and deliverance. She will use the dominion of God’s light to fight against the enemy’s darkness and see victory prevail!

About the Book

from empty to fullFrom empty to Full is a powerful testimony of the how life shifted out of emptiness, brokenness, sickness, sadness and into fullness! As one looks inside the windows of my story they are shown exactly how God taught me to take those empty places, and replace them with His fullness. My purpose is teach others that they may be entered into ALL the fullness of God by the acknowledging and the practice of His Word, through the stimulation of their faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit that will enlighten them unto God’s love, mercy, compassion and grace. My desire is for others to receive healing and deliverance that will cause the empty places in their heart, past, and life to fade away and be filled. My prayer is that others may walk through the road of my life’s battles and realize that they can be free and FULL in Christ receiving God’s victory and best for every area of life, whether is it physically, emotionally or spiritually. There is a way for ALL to be FULL and cause you to veer out of darkness and into light. This new found fullness of God will run off sin, depression, sickness, defeat and the many hindrances that have been holding you back from a life of happiness and fulfillment. It is time to give God your emptiness and let Him fill and launch you to the next level. Are you ready to let God heal your emptiness and pour into you with His healing grace?


  1. rebecca

    Back then, my life was so empty and lonely. Thanks to this book, I regained my confidence in life.

    • Emily

      Same here. It was hard enough, dealing with loneliness, yet this book became a great source of encouragement to me.


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