JM Gasilla Barrios’ Fallacies and Confessions

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Fallacies and Confessions is the author’s third published novel. It is an interactive mystery novel that tells the story of Reign Noble, an orphan who lost her parents in a car crash. In the state of her mourning, she uncovered something that was kept from her by her parents way before she was even born. With this discovery, an ordeal took place and resulted in this great chase for her to uncover the truth which not only to serve justice for what happened to her parents but also to save her life from the imminent danger which will cost her her life and the person she treats as her only family.

The idea of the whole concept of the novel has already been planned out ever since the author was in grade school. But, it took her years to have the courage as well as the right plot for it to be executed the way I imagined it to be. This book not only showcases her passion for writing but also her interest in cipher making.

 Fusing these two very different things into one novel was a dream come true, and the fact that she has the chance to present her culture in the story is a plus as well. In this story, JM got the chance to highlight the city where she grew up in the Philippines and to present different places and cultures as well. 

The author wants the readers to have the chance to see a city which is seldomly known outside the country and learn about their culture and local dialect, but, at the same time, be able to be suck in the pages of the paper and enjoy the adventures of the protagonist first hand. If the reader wanted that kind of experience, then Fallacies and Confessions is a perfect book for you to read. They will have the chance to uncover the secrets themselves using the author’s codes and puzzles created by the author to unveil the secrets being hidden through the whole story.


I’ve always been an introvert. I always prefer staying indoors rather than going outside to play as a child. Maybe that’s why I have a burning passion when it comes to writing.

I didn’t have many friends growing up, I like keeping to myself or being with family. So, the only time I got to enjoy being alone is when I read.

 It became my comfort zone and I looked up to all the authors who made these wonderful portals to a world I got to experience and vowed to myself that one day, I will be like them. I’ll also be an author who can provide a portal to someone like me as a child.

I am still in college when I published my debut novel “Neglected”. It was a rough time for my family and because of a financial problem, I was not able to enroll for the upcoming semester. It was hard but what broke me was when I see my parents silently suffer guilt because of it. That’s when it became my mission to make them proud even though I still haven’t acquired my diploma yet.

That was when I started writing my manuscript for the novel and was able to publish it a year later.

That effort alone changed my life for the better, I got to do something I love and fulfill the mission I vowed to as a child.


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