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To all of mankind that this message will come into contact with who are concerned about their own salvation or the salvation of their loved ones. I urge you with all that is within me, do not let one more so called Christian church or their Satan deceived minister, intimidate, manipulate, or lay a burden of hopelessness upon you by their teaching of the false anti-God lie that God is either going to send most all of your family of unbelievers to hell to be tortured and tormented day and night forever, or annihilate and do away with them completely forever. Both of them are the most egregious anti-God lies to ever be crammed down the throats of gullible and naïve people around the world, claiming status as Christians. They have taken it in hook, line and sinker and many have had nervous breakdowns, gone insane, or died in that belief or committed suicide, because it is such a horrible outright lie that stinks in the nostrils of God all the way to His throne in Heaven.

After studying the Word of God for well over a half century, I have just written a book titled, “MY SALVATION IS CERTAIN, SO IS YOURS”. It has been published and can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and major book outlets around the world. I have set aside a few copies to give away free of any charge to a select few that may not be able to purchase it because of their financial situation at the present, and because it is what God expects me to be doing. All of the proceeds from any royalty paid back to me from the sale of books, will be used to purchase more books to give away free as I am able. The scripture tells us that freely we have received, freely we should give. These books are not free to me, my cost per book including postage is well over $10.00 per book. Royalty paid to me will be used in totality in the purchase of books that I have to buy back from the publisher, in order that I may then give them away free to folks that would like to read it, but cannot afford it, or for no reason at all.

“MY SALVATION IS CERTAIN, SO IS YOURS”, is well documented with the Word of God being used throughout in irrefutable God breathed truth, explaining how Jesus Christ is whom He and His Father God claim Him to be. The Lord and Savior of all creation, of all whom now live, whom have ever lived, and all of those whom will yet live. God the Father has given all things into the hands of Jesus Christ, and Christ is not allowed to save less than all. To teach and to believe otherwise is calling God a liar. How fortunate we all are when we hear again the words of Jesus Christ when He said, “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. For this reason, God has already forgiven us our sins, that we continue to do in ignorance. Thank you, Christ, my brother, my Lord and Savior for interceding for all of us, your people, that wanted you crucified when you came here to earth to reveal Your Father God to us, while most of your people continue on in rejecting your truth, yet today. I ask God to bless the heart, mind, body, soul and total being, of all who read this book. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray!

I plan to have my new website, up and running ASAP. I will be able to keep everyone apprised to when my three other books now at the publisher will be finished and on the market. The other three books will come out in this order. The next one is titled WAR and the after effects on those doing the dirty work of killing. It deals with some of my war time experiences and how God has used it to get my attention by throwing me down hard on His potters’ wheel and has been knocking off a lot of rough edges, with many more to go. I have been made well aware by the true Word of God, what the great rewards of obedience to the Word and way of God will be in the future, as opposed to my own self rule of, “If it feels good, do it!

The next book will be titled, “UNIVERSAL SALVATION” The church that Christ is building here on earth of living stones. Those whom have learned to accept, believe and to follow the will and way of God. We never have to darken the door of a brick and mortar church that continues on to sink ever deeper into following after custom, ritual and the traditions of men, and instead of condemning, rightly judging and doing away with idolatry and paganism, they have openly accepted their filthy holidays and become joined at the hip with them. They do profane and take the name of God in vain as they appropriate “HIS ALMIGHTY HOLY NAME” and fasten it to the rot gut slime as Christ Mass and Ishtar, which they salve over their conscience by now calling them Christmas and Easter. Where rabbits lay eggs and a three-hundred-pound fat man in a red suit comes down their six-inch chimney. And they have the gall to make fun of the Indians medicine man, totem poles, and happy hunting grounds. Whom is fooling whom here? God tells us that He will not be mocked forever.

The fourth book will be titled, THE KOREAN WAR RELIVED. About soldiers coming out of the war, but the war lingering on inside. If those of us that have gone through the absolute insanity of war, and lived to tell about it, keep our mouths shut and have nothing to say about it, we are doing a great disservice to those who are following us and need to know and understand some of the nasty things that happen when young boys thinking they are men begin getting programmed and trained to become a military killing machine, being taught to hate and destroy others made in the image and likeness of God, just like ourselves. General George S. Patton was a great general and deeply religious, but his men never knew it by his foul obscene mouth that he used to motivate and intimidate them to excel in battle. One soldier under Patton before the Normandy invasion, when Patton was giving a large assembly of soldiers the motivation to fight and die if necessary. He had told them, “We are going over there to f—k their women and kill the men” and “don’t be quick to die for your country, let the other bastard die for his”. He was really unorthodox, but no one can deny, he was also extremely effective as a leader of men. 

War - Leith Cunningham
War Book Author – Leith Cunningham

My sincere gratitude goes out to “Readersmagnet” for the job they are doing and for the free service they have afforded me. I am impressed!


  1. rebecca

    I’m excited to read more from this series.

    • melissa

      Actually, his other books have have already been published. It would be great if you check them out!


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