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“Isabella’s Journey” Her battle with the blood disorder , Thalassemia Major

Serafina Sammarco memorializes her daughter Isabella, wherein she relates her family’s struggle against the deep emotional challenges presented by Isabella’s illness and describes the disease for readers. Isabella was born October 7, 1971 and lived until July 29, 1986 .

An inspiring and heartfelt story, “Isabella’s Journey” depicts a young family faced with the unimaginable task of accepting their daughter’s short life span when she was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major at the tender age of 8 months. This enlightening book introduces readers to the young Sammarco family as they handle the physical, emotional and financial complications of Isabella’s disease, doing their best to live happy, productive lives, up to and beyond Isabella’s passing at just 14 years old.

An excerpt from “Isabella’s Journey”.

“From that day forward, until Isabella died, I made it a point each and every single night, before I went to bed, to peak in her bedroom and listen to her to see if she was asleep and breathing. On occasion I could hear her snore, and with a smile on my face I’d thank God she was alive for one more day.’

Sammarco uses layman’s terms to describe Thalassemia and Thalassemia Major to aid the reader in understanding Isabella’s circumstances, but also to make them aware of their chances of being affected by this genetic disorder.

“it was over 40 years ago that I first learned of Thalassemia”, Sammarco writes, “and yet so many years later it is still virtually unknown by most.”

About the Author

Serafina Sammarco

Serafina Sammarco, the 8th of 9 children, was born in Calabria, Italy, and immigrated to Canada at the age of 12.

Married for 50 years to Pasquale Sammarco, and the mother of two children, she held a career in the insurance industry for 20 years as an accredited general insurance broker. She is the founder and past president of “The Vancouver Thalassemia Society of British Columbia,” the past president of a woman’s lodge in the Italian community and a volunteer in the Vancouver community.

This is a terrific opportunity that the VIP Reader’s Lounge is giving me to feature my very personal story in the hope that it reaches others that could benefit from it. Check for my book at


  1. Melissa

    This is a great book. As someone who had a friend suffering from the same disease, I appreciate journals or books about their stories.

    • Christian

      I know. It’s so sad how such a severe disease don’t have a safe cure yet.

  2. Lydia

    i never knew there was a disease like that

    • Morrison

      it was really surprising that some people suffer from it


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