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Do you ever feel the nudge to do something, author’s lounge, but fear, inadequacy or embarrassment keeps you from moving forward on it?  I remember when My Heart’s Therapy came out that I felt like God was going to use that as a basis for me to speak to women and encourage them on their life journey.  Just as words flowed freely when I wrote my songs, they seemed to come out of nowhere in the form of a presentation or speech.  I never liked speech in school.  I, also, have a fear and dislike for public speaking.  Now what?  

I am a nobody, Lord, can’t you see?

Don’t you want somebody greater than me?

I don’t think I’m the person you think I am.

Why do you keep telling me that I can?

I don’t feel that it’s in me that much is clear

And yet you keep telling me I should not fear.

I know deep down I really believe

If I open my heart and truly receive

Your message of go

I will not say no

And I pray every day

The will to obey

Your command that I hear

Oh, Lord, please draw near.

I will step out in faith.

I will not say, “wait!”

Don’t let go of me now

Because soon I’ll be in front of a crowd.

And so I don’t freak,

Give me the words to speak.

Open my mouth

And let your love come out. – BK 8/23/2016

Step out, authors lounge!  Be brave.  Take a chance.  Be blessed for saying YES!


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