I love Guns : The History Of Guns by Tyshondra Barnes

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 I Love Guns

The History Of Guns In America By Tyshondra Barnes

Guns in Chicago when will the violence ever end this past  in August two young black males were gunned down in front Friendship Baptist Church on Laramie/ Austin near Westside while church members were in worship service. This horrific shooting left church official’s stunned sadly no one has come forth in regards to this shooting.

This past year 6 people were gunned down on central/in 2017  that some injury to this day no one has come forth in regards to that shooting furthermore, Community leaders held a prayer vigil asking anyone that has any information to come forth. Where did the minds of the people go wrong what has happened to people thinking clearly and having a since of accountability for their actions.

This past year a young black male was found burned alive that stuffed in the garbage can on the northwest side some speculate it was gang retaliation in year 2017 and the killers were never found. Chicago what has lead so many people to go astray young black and Latino men are steady dying out here on these streets. Chicago gun problem has left many families grieving over their loves ones sadly, to say young children are getting caught in the crossfire. Why so many lives taken so soon ‘’Why do people want to shot each other down Why aren’t law officials enforcing more gun laws. There have being over 1000 plus shootings this year alone due to gun violence in the long some of these shootings are known to be gang related. Some of the most dangerous neighborhoods such as south and west sides have being targeted by gun violence young black/ latino men are joining gangs such as 12 years old.

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Young black/latino men are stricken into poverty many young men see joining  a gang as their way out the lack of education, jobs, resources have plagued the community.   More young men are turning to streets in 2016 we have seen a triple among homicides due to gun violence the majority of them were black/ latino men. As the year progresses shootings are steady on the rise why aren’t their enough mentoring programs to help keep these young get people off the street we are seeing a rise of drug use that has plagued Chicago. You have young men and women using a comment drug that is the most deadly is Fentanyl which has caused a rise in gun shootings.  

We are seeing a  rise among alcohol use as well that has also plagued Chicago Gun Violence more people are engaging in aggressive behavior which has causing to act out in anger. Chicago is a city where many come to explore to start to new businesses and find it to be their getaway spot. Chicago housing rates has sky rocketed where residents can’t afford to live in their homes over 40,000 plus African Americans have left Chicago nevertheless guns are making their way throughout the suburbs. Some people said they have never seen these  kind of  guns hit  Chicago like this and   the amount of people getting shot has left people speechless, Father Michael Phelger stated he never seen this level of gun violence like this likewise  The love for Guns have become an epidemic

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Why are so many people dying on these streets why so much hate towards each other the levels of disrespect have gotten out of hand if people look at you or wrong or said something to another individual they are ready to go get a gun. Many are using guns  to deal with their frustrations instead of talking things out it’s all about shoot first ask questions later. Years ago chiacgo had peace marches throughout the community where drug and gang wars took place community leaders gang bangers and drug dealers what used to call a Truce. Communities came together to make peace  with each other back then innocent children weren’t getting shot like they are today.

Too many innocent mothers /fathers are getting caught in the line of crossfire as we see recent reports on how guns are being put out here on the street in any event, gun shops to stop selling guns to young kids. Chicago has being known worldwide many people look at Chicago as being the most un safest place to live sadly, people are steady  getting shot and killed In 2019 gun violence still on the rise.

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Copyright, 2019 By Tyshondra Barnes


  1. Miya

    I don’t “love” guns but I do love reading about the history of things.

  2. Hummer

    I think reading about the history of guns is quite fascinating.


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