Hunter: A Thomas Hunter Novel by Robert M. Leonard

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Hunter: A Thomas Hunter Novel is set nearly six hundred years into the future, where humanity has become the sword and shield of a lose confederation of intergalactic civilizations, the natural aggressive and combative tendencies of the race making them the perfect species to defend the Compact Worlds from an implacable foe.

But no matter how far advanced human science has become, some things never change.

The story features Thomas Hunter, a pioneer in the fields of cybernetic implants and interactive holographic entertainment, and Rachel Torrence, considered one of, if not the, best genetic physicians in the galaxy. An accidental encounter between them sets off a chain of events which see the pair ensnared in a web of suspicion, treachery, lies, and deceit, where every hand, even that from supposed friends, seems to turn against them, leaving them unable to trust and depend upon anyone but each other.

This book, Hunter: A Thomas Hunter Novel, is targeted toward an adult audience (if it were a movie it would get a PG-13 or R rating for language and suggestive themes), but it was written for pure entertainment and nothing more. It is science fiction with a little genre-bending twist, but not Space Opera. There are no hidden messages, no preaching or proselytizing, no attempts to influence or sway culture, politics, religion, or societal norms.

Hunter is but the first in a series of science fiction novels primarily, but not exclusively, about the life, adventures, and trials and tribulations of Thomas. Two follow up novels have already been written, awaiting final edits, with the fourth in the first draft stage. The core of the idea for this book came from something I (badly) wrote in my youth, then set aside as life happened and I had to start earning a living and paying bills.

My admittedly selfish and self-serving goal is to sell this book as well as others of other series and/or genres (sci-fi and fantasy) I have written and published and will write and publish in the future. I want to share my stories with the world, but something which takes this much time and effort to produce, something which does entertain and allows the reader a few hours of mindless, pleasurable escapism, should be rewarded.

So, yes, I want to be paid. I would prefer to have gone the traditional publishing route, but I no longer have the time or patience to wait to be discovered. I intend to make a big enough mark through self-publishing that traditional houses come to me. And I hope sites like Authors Lounge will help me do just that.

As for why I write, that’s simple. I have been an avid reader since I learned my ABCs at age four. I burned through every book I could get my hands upon. I would max out the limit I could check out at my school and public libraries, then return the next week for more. My parents had a large collection of Readers Digest condensed books, which I read and re-read multiple times as I was growing up. I even spent one summer reading the entire Encyclopedia set they had acquired. I was active in literary clubs and activities all through high school and early college, but a couple of creative writing classes diminished this enormously. The straitjacket approach to writing these instructors demanded did not fit with my process and style. Discouraged, I lost most interest in writing.

But I never lost my love of reading. I collected thousands of books over the years of all genres, especially sci-fi and fantasy. But as more and more of my favorite authors ventured unto the Great Library in the Sky, I slowly came to realize that the only way I could continue to read the types of stories I love the most was to write them myself. So, I rededicated myself to writing, and Hunter is but just one of the results. It is my greatest hope that, in reverential homage to those who so entertained me in my youth and helped me escape my dull and dreary life for a few hours, I can pass on the love of the written word they gave to me unto future generations of readers and writers.

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