Hunted: Journey to the New World

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My book Hunted, the first of a 2 book series, tells the story of Eliott, a boy from a large family, raised in the struggle of poverty, who sees his entire world falls apart when he’s bitten by a savage creature in the woods, becoming a beast himself.

Rejected by his own family, Eliott finds refuge in a remote village inhabited by others of his own kind, but tragedy strikes again when his pack is massacred by Charles Roderick…., a vicious scientist on a mission to uncover the mysteries of a new species. Kidnapped and tortured, Eliott manages to escape, embarking on a dangerous journey that will lead to rejection, love, and the hope of freedom as Professor Roderick hunts him down to the end of the world.  

Hunted is my first Paranormal book, and it has been quite a rollercoaster of emotions and contradictory feedback! I usually write dark LGBTQ books based on true stories of sex trafficking and captivity that are really close to my heart and rewarding to put on paper, but that limits my creativity somewhat, as I try to stay faithful to the actual events. By writing this book, I wanted to explore the thin line between fiction and reality, creating an original story, full of action and adventure, without giving my audience a quick, happily-ever-after feeling from chapter two.  

I understand most readers enjoy the “feel-good” stories where the hero survives every struggle and comes out victorious from early on, and where the villains are “not so evil”, soon becoming the main character’s love interest…. I love those too and some of my other books will please that type of audience, but that is not the case with Hunted.  

This book is for lovers of the very DARK genre, not triggered by explicit content, violence, non-con situations, and intense emotions. Of course, there are tender moments of compassion and care and a window to freedom, love, and happiness but, just like in real life, those will not come easy to Eliott.

My goal with this book is that, by getting to share my character’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions, readers will be able to empathize with Eliott’s suffering and start second-guessing how they treat others, simply because they are different. Maybe, that way, many of us can rebuild a kinder, more patient relationship with those we don’t understand, and be tolerant and accepting of everyone in need of our affection. Perhaps we cannot create happy endings for everyone around us, just as our protagonist didn’t get his right away, but we can always offer the act of kindness that Eliott so desperately needed.

In short, a book like this can really make you question your own morality and, if people are willing, can encourage an honest change in the way we behave and treat each other. I Hope others come to the same realizations and self-reflections that I did when writing this book.  

My next step will be publishing the second book in the series within the next 4 weeks. Rejected, will close the saga with a happier outcome for Eliott, hopefully leaving my readers with a much sweeter taste.

I know this book series, like a few of my other books, will be subject to praise, but also harsh criticism, but if that’s what touches my reader’s hearts and makes them think, then it is a risk I am happy to take!

Besides, like one of my fellow authors said: “You can not always please every reviewer…, but you can always kill them in your next book!”  

Medusa Stone.


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