How to Keep Your Pet Cats Safe During New Year’s Eve

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The year 2020 is finally coming to an end. This chapter of your life is closing, and another one is opening its doors for you. Firework displays are held all over the world. People ring the New Year with noisemakers, firecrackers, and fireworks to ward off misfortune and bring good luck. New Year’s Eve is the most awaited time for humans with dazzling pyrotechnics and the ball drop countdown to meet the New Year. However, this is a stressful time for your pet companions, especially cats. The loud banging noises overwhelm and trigger your pet companion’s nervous systems, causing them to be afraid. Thus, this article will help you be a responsible fur parent this New Year’s Eve. Here are some measures to help ease the stress of cats. 

Keep Them Indoors

Cats get scared and anxious by the loud sounds of fireworks outside your homes. It is already in their instinct. Pet cats associate the loud, banging noises as signs of danger. Even the bright flashes and smoke from fireworks can overwhelm these furry creatures. Hence, they panic and look for a hiding spot to keep safe. If your family wants to enjoy the fireworks display, make sure to keep your cats safe by keeping them indoors. Do not force them to go outside and watch the night sky. Apart from getting spooked by the fireworks, you have to keep your cats indoors as they can get hurt from the exploding nearby. 

Try to Distract Them

Another measure you can do to keep your cat calm is to distract them. You can play soothing music in the background to minimize their stress levels. Or, if you are not too busy, you can read books to your pet cats, such as William and Tibby Forever, a story of two sibling cats’ life on earth and in heaven by Lynda Hamblen. Have your fur babies on your lap and read them a book, all the while petting them. Allow them to feel your warmth and snuggle with you to make them feel safe. You are their human, after all, and they trust you with their life. This is a technique to soothe and calm them during this frightening event. You can give them their toys and cat accessories to keep them entertained, reducing their stress levels. With the distraction, your fur baby is more likely to ignore the exuberant noises outside. 

Lock Your Doors

As the people are starting to make noises and lighting firecrackers, don’t stimulate their fears. If they hide under the bed or behind the couch, leave them be. Allow them to get used to the noise. They will come out once all the noise is gone. Don’t put all your attention on them; allow them to adapt slowly to the sound. Before the New Year countdown, lock your doors and close your windows to reduce sound. Closing all doors and windows of your house is another measure to keep them from running away. With all the noise, your cat can become skittish. They can run wildly in every direction, which can lead to your cat getting lost. Furthermore, close the curtains to muffle the sound and make them feel how safe the place is. 

Invite Stray Cats in Your Home

This is not a tip to keeping your cats safe, but a helping hand to ownerless cats in your streets. Your cat can still get scared despite being inside; how much more those stray cats who have to fight for the cold and now they’re fighting their fears. Before the fireworks display, invite stray cats to stay with you for the night. And get them to the nearest animal rescue organization the next day to give them a chance to have a forever home.


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