Mirror Mirror: How to Introspect and Live Authentically

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When imagining a happy and meaningful life, most would probably think of living a relatively well-off life when they should aim to live authentically.

When it comes to dating, people don’t get to know each other until a superficial level. Couples don’t stop asking each other about their favorite books, musicians, or shows. Instead, they desire to look deeper into each other and discover each other’s fears, dreams, and weaknesses. They ask more profound questions that allow them to connect more emotionally, bridging two souls looking for the same relationships.

When this intricacy is necessary to find a partner, why should people stop looking into themselves to have a much deeper self-awareness?

People live their lives anticipating and preparing for the future. They’re inclined to examine themselves with respect to their goals and desires for their future. Although nothing is inherently wrong with this, as it gives them room for growth, it still inhibits them from looking deeper into themselves. When their focus is directed forward, they forget to look behind. People fail to consider how their pasts connect with their present, falling flat in understanding the wholeness of their beings.

This lack of awareness hinders people from realizing their potential and unraveling themselves.

Why Must People Look Inwards

In Chet Shupe’s Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature, readers are introduced to the ideology that understanding individual behavior is essential for people to flourish. This progress transcends physical manifestation and its societal counterparts. Instead, people need a profound emotional connection within themselves to contribute to their well-being, thus amplifying their development. They’re called to live authentically to express and enjoy the happiness that’s meant for them.

People must avoid activities that hinder their growth and feed their emotional pain. But how else can they do so aside from introspection and looking inward?

Before diving into what society needs to succeed and improve, people must first identify their needs. This way, they can respond to their desires and improve the world. Instead of emotionally reacting to what subconsciously triggers them, people peacefully respond to these situations. In introspecting, people can live authentically, be in tune with their emotions, and make more thoughtful decisions. They don’t allow stressors to drown them because in genuinely knowing themselves, they recognize the strengths that can help them rise above these.

People’s sense of identity is crucial in ensuring they won’t lose themselves in loving and finding connections with each other. They must firmly believe in themselves and the authenticity of their lives to make their days worthwhile.

The question is, how can they achieve this?

How Can People Live Authentically?

Introspection and self-discovery is a personal journey.

Just as no two people are the same, no two people will also discover themselves through the same processes and patterns. Instead, they must undergo endeavors unique to their preferences to excavate personal and deep-seated emotions.

Keep Thoughts and Emotions in a Journal

What better way to live authentically than by recording every significant event and emotion one has felt throughout? This can be done by journaling and writing down every experience they feel has left an essential trace in their lives. As a process, journaling means sifting through the thoughts in one’s mind, pulling what’s lodged deep toward the surface. This process helps people understand the mind without judgment. It allows them to process their thoughts and emotions to understand themselves better.

Envision What a Perfect Day Is

For people to live authentically, they must understand their passions, goals, and ambitions; a way to do this is by picturing what encompasses a “perfect day.” This way, they’re able to uncover what things are meaningful to them, allowing them to sift through the presence in their lives and identify which ones carry the most value and purpose.

When picturing how this special day is, people can explore questions such as:

  • How should they feel upon waking up?
  • How do they spend their days?
  • What do they taste, smell, and hear?
  • What activities do they do?
  • Why is the day fulfilling for them?

Knowing oneself better allows people to make healthier decisions for a fulfilling life. They uncover hidden emotions that can ruin their experiences and instead build stronger ones to assist in their development and growth. However, people must remember that the process can trigger memories, painful emotions, and damaging reactions. In these instances, it pays to be gentle.


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