History Rewritten by: Mike McCrory

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      Science Fiction has become a reality. Time displacement works! It just doesn’t work very well. Turns out time travel isn’t very realistic and the owners that have poured millions into this project are shutting it down.

Nathan Levy will be damned if all his teams hard work will be wasted for impatient bureaucrats to simply discontinue. A rash plan is developed, and all sorts of things do not go as planned. Can time be changed? With what ill-conceived notion would it actually be a good thing. Finding oneself in a distant time is less of a problem than what comes after these scientists. Heros or fools? You be the judge!

        Nathan Levy, has failed at just about everything but his job. And now he is on the verge of discovering great things. Only to have all of his professional work be ripped away from him. Having nothing to lose he decides to set out on a one-way mission to change the detrimental path the world is on. He knows there’s always a price to pay for playing games on this magnitude. What he did not plan for was that his that his team was not going to let him do this alone.

         The military stopped this program because they wanted to use it to transport troops and tanks to give themselves tactical advantage on their enemies. The failure of this project is that it can only send through biological matter not even the clothing on your back. While this is a great achievement to be able to send biological matter to where and when you want. It was a failure for military operatives and the plug was pulled.

So, Nathan must go into the past with nothing. Nothing but memories of history, and his sharp wit.

When you’re a scientist working for a big corporation your work is not owned by you. Nathan has come to realize all of his work will be handed over to someone else who will crack the code on time travel. And then who is going to be in charge of playing God? Nathan having a huge respect for the history of the world and specifically the history of America he doesn’t want to give this power to just anyone.

Nathan ‘s team consist of his best friend Elise. Four additional coworkers and two of them are unwilling participants having been thrown back into the past by an unfortunate accident.

  The past doesn’t care where you’re from. And Nathan ‘s team do not have immunity from the evil things that hunt them. It’s certainly a slippery slope as you have one shot to get it right. To hit the center of a focal point in history and be able to live the rest of your days in the past. And if all goes well the system is pre-designed to pull you back at a certain date and time. And that date and time is 10 years in their future. 10 years in the past only to return to the very day you left.

That’s if it works. Hoping that all of your work pays off. That you remember dates and times of historical events that need to be adjusted. Each member of the team must commit themselves to learning crucial details of the past. And losing one member of the team means the whole plan can be compromised. 

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  1. Mike MCCrory

    I’m proud to announce that my new book was released today. History rewritten book one.


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