Heaven is Amazing! – Carolyn T. Linn

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Christian and Inspirational | 2 comments

Having traveled the world during retirement, Carolyn T. Linn anticipates a final trip that will take her to a heavenly home. Since her husband’s death in 2004, the author has been curious about what goes on in heaven. She has gleaned material from the experiences of people who have seen heaven through visions or near -death experiences.

Her account describes the moment of death for those bound for heaven. She gives details of heavenly life, people to see, places to visit, entertainment to enjoy and the worship of God at His throne. Be inspired by her use of the biblical “Song of Songs” to give a picture of God’s passionate love for people. For those not sure of their destiny, she gives a glimpse of hell and tells how to avoid it.


  1. Miya

    Is this a book about the afterlife? If it is, count me in!

    • faye

      It’s not about the afterlife per se. It touches on the concept of heaven and near-death experiences. Reading it will give you a new perspective about life.


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