Health Benefits of Camping and Outdoor Adventures

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Getting in touch with nature and seeing the great outdoors can help in fighting off anxiety and stress.

Entering the second year of the global pandemic is quite depressing. Even with the vaccine rollout, which began late last year, it will take some time to achieve herd immunity (70 to 90% of the total population fully vaccinated). That said, it will be a while before many of us can travel freely, especially on holiday vacations or trips abroad. However, many states have lift community quarantines, and we can now choose to go outdoors or camp in our local camping areas. Social distancing and health protocols are expected to be observed, of course. In the previous months, we have featured Mike Honeycutt’s The World of Hunting and Travel. Honeycutt’s world travel book has shown us the beauty of camping and being one with the great outdoors. Today, we will look at the health benefits that camping and outdoor activities can provide for us.

It’s a breath of fresh air.

Literally, camping outdoors for a whole weekend allows you to take fresh air. Whether you are camping on a creek, in a forest, near a river, or on top of a mountain, you are sure to enjoy fresher air compared to the city’s polluted atmosphere. Spending time outdoors also lets you see a new environment where your eyes can feast on the green scenery and the bright blue skies. You can hike, climb, hunt, or even fish, the possibilities are endless.

It helps beat inflammation.

Oxidative stress is common among those who reside and work in the city and metropolitan areas. For many of us, our body has gotten used to it that we hardly notice the increasing inflammation levels in air bodies. The good news is, camping outdoors can help reduce these oxidative stress as well as inflammation levels. A weekly campout will greatly benefit one’s mind and body.

Camping improves sleep.

Sleep is the least item associated with camping. For many, camping means sleeping on hammocks or tents. But if you take time to pack well for a good night’s sleep, you will discover that sleeping under the open sky is actually one of the essential perks of camping. Not only does it relaxes your body, but it also gives you a break from stress-induced sleep.

It helps you get vitamins.

Specifically, Vitamin D. The sun is a good source of energy-giving vitamins. Vitamin D is known for its ability to help the body absorb calcium, promoting strong bone growth and helping maintain healthy cells. Vitamin D deficiency affects 40% of Americans. Camping outdoors or engaging in outdoor activities can greatly help you acquire the body’s need for Vitamin D1, D-2, and D-3. hunting and fishing out in the sun are two great activities for you to get the D.

It stretches your muscles.

Speaking of energy and calcium, camping and heading outdoors is a great opportunity to train and strengthen your muscles. Hiking, Trekking, and Climbing are great substitutes for treadmills and gym sessions. A simple 30-minute walk from the main road into the woods or camping area can be a good start. River trekking and climbing hills are both good forms of physical exercise.

It lets you stay connected.

Many of us spend time staying connected to the internet, to our gadgets, and the television. Camping and staying outdoors for several days (and nights) allows you to unplug yourself from toxic shows, stressful social media, and the sedentary life at home or at work. Camping and the great outdoors reconnect you with Earth and Mother Nature.

Me-time is good for you.

Camping for days is also a great opportunity to spend time with yourself. Meditation is more effective if you’re in the middle of nowhere or on the top of a mountain, with nothing but the sounds of nature accompanying you. It is an excellent opportunity to self-examine and calm your mind and spirit.

It breaks the bad routine.

Camping and going outdoors help break the monotonous cycle. It keeps you away from the usual food, the usual scenery, the usual task, and the usual crowd. We all need to break from our daily routines once in a while, and trekking, setting up a camp, enjoying a bath in the river or hot spring, conquering a mountain peak, or simply building a fire underneath the open skies can definitely take you away from the usual stress and hassles.

It can give you motivation.

Seeing the wonder and magnificence of Mother Nature is always inspirational. If you’re feeling down or lazy at work lately, maybe all you need is a trip outdoors or a few nights camping. You will be surprised to discover how camping and visiting the great outdoors can realign your perspective and reconnect you to a more positive outlook.

Camping is way cheaper.

We all need to relax and pamper ourselves. Some go shopping, some choose to buy stuff, some prefer traveling abroad, and some choose therapy. All of these are expensive, but not camping and going outdoors for a few days. You just need a safe destination, a camping tent, few essentials such as water, food, and light, and you’re good to go. Reconnecting with nature and enjoying its wonders are always priceless.


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