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ReadersMagnet revisits Mike Honeycutt’sHoneycutt’s remarkable outdoor adventure books and why they are truly valuable reads.

Outdoor travel and adventure books always provide great excitement and amazing stories. These non-fiction literary works take us to various magnificent places on the planet and allow us to meet beautiful and unique creatures. They also introduce us to different people and their cultures. These books are a wealth of information about species, games, and expeditions for hunters and animal lovers alike. Today, we will revisit seasoned hunter and traveler Mike Honeycutt and his two remarkable works that have endeared and inspired hunters, explorers, and outdoor adventurers.

As a well-traveled hunter and explorer, Mike Honeycutt has been to all seven continents. His extensive encounters with many people and cultures from many countries allowed him to see many things and document them. The result of these chronicles is his two published books on travel and the outdoors.

In 2018, he released Mike Honeycutt’sHoneycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing. In his debut book, Honeycutt shared his love and passion for traveling. The book features his excursions to some of the remotest places on the planet. Mike Honeycut wows readers as he takes them to beautiful sceneries, exotic local communities. For those into hunting, fishing, and even trapping, Mike Honeycutt provides an extensive tour of amazing hunting spots, games, and trips to reach these wonderful places. Mike Honeycutt’sHoneycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing is an extraordinary adventure book with never-ending thrills and new experiences from the jungles to the Rocky Mountains and icy worlds.

For author Mike Honeycutt, there’s nothing more exciting than a remote trip with great scenery. In Mike Honeycutt’sHoneycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing, he shares a travelogue that speaks to his passion for traveling the world to exotic locales to hunt and fish for unusual animal species.

 Based on his extensive travel experiences, Honeycutt narrates stories from all over the world on all continents. From the savannas of northern Cameroon to the jungles of southern Cameroon, and from the mountains of the Rocky Mountains in the United States, to a Himalayan tahr hunt in the mountains of New Zealand, he describes an array of real-life experiences and excursions. He tells about bird hunting in Argentina, turkey hunting in Old Mexico, and looking for the Gobi Argali Sheep in Mongolia.

 From airplanes to snowmobiles, to boats, horses, jeeps, four-wheelers, and pick-ups, Honeycutt has traversed the world, experiencing an array of terrain, cultures, religions, food, and personalities. He offers insights into his travel in Mike Honeycutt’sHoneycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing. (excerpt from book descriptions)

In 2019, Into the Wild by Mike Honeycutt was made available. Just like his first book, Into the Wild is a gem for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. In addition to various sites, communities, people, culture, and cuisine, Mike Honeycutt also gives readers a glimpse of how he managed and enjoyed getting from one place to the next. He details his from flights, snowmobile rides, boat, horse-riding, jeep, pick-up trucks, and memorable hikes. Into the Wild also contains more pages (170 pages) than the previous book, only 138 pages.

Mike Honeycutt’sHoneycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing and Into the Wild are more than travel books. They provide readers with unforgettable experiences and, at the same time, inspire them to go out there and explore the bounty and majesty of Mother Nature. Mr. Honeycutt’sHoneycutt’s legacy in the world of hunting and traveling is cemented in these two excellent books.

To discover more about Mike Honeycutt’sHoneycutt’s journey and travels worldwide, you can buy copies of his books and visit his author’s website today.


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