Harmony by Flash Kitterson

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Thank you to the Authors’ Lounge for giving me this opportunity to share Harmony!

My book, Harmony, is about an anthropomorphic cat named Harmony Mei. She lives in the village of Penlight with her father, Daku Mei. She discovers she has the powers of darkness, and wants to learn how to use them. Harmony also wishes to learn more about her mother! Along the way, she meets an anthropomorphic dragon named Irin Ishii. Irin can control and manipulate rocks and stone!

It sounds crazy, but my inspiration behind writing Harmony is the movie Wonder Woman 1984. Now, my inspiration behind things centers on Marvel and anything in the MCU, created by the legend Stan Lee. During Christmas of 2020, my family and I went to see the movie WW84 in theaters. While people aren’t fond of the movie, I found it to be amazing during some scenes. One example is when Diane rode lightning with her lasso of truth. Another example is when she gained Athena’s armor and fought with it on. WW84 inspired me to make a powerful female hero, and I enjoy having female main characters. Harmony is a cat, because cats are my favorite animal! So once I got home, I opened my notebook and planned Harmony! After January passed, I began the writing for Harmony in February!

The audience I intend to target for Harmony is young adults and adults. The books I write will be a mixture of YA and Fantasy! Though, I’ll attempt to write in other areas like Thriller and Mystery if I find them interesting. I have a WIP called Worm Graveyard which is a Mystery book! Hopefully, I can get to that when I can!

I hope my readers can feel many emotions while reading Harmony. I want them to feel as many emotions as they can with Harmony. And I hope they get a sense of purpose out of reading it.

A goal that I have for Harmony is for people to feel inspired by it. I want them to know that they can achieve anything if they give enough effort and never give up. Sometimes I wanted to give up on Harmony and erase everything I had written. But after kind words and encouragement from my friends, I held my head up and wrote! People shouldn’t give up on their dreams if they’re close to reaching them and I want them to know they can reach them! Another goal is to have the Harmony lore go as deep as the Marvel lore, and I want to have multiple books for the Fate Series! I also wish to change the world’s view on books with Harmony, and I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true!

I’ve written stories since I was in middle school, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and I still do! Reading the Warriors series by Erin Hunter (Kate Cary) inspired me to do so! When I’m not writing, I play video games and talk to my friends! I also listen to tons of music. I can listen to anything and vibe with it as long as the beat sounds nice! Photography is another thing I do in my free time, because taking pictures of the world is amazing, and I always find scenes that are worth taking pictures of. I even have a photography account on Twitter (@Prxjxct_Zxxm)! Meeting new people is lovely, and I’m always down to talk to anyone!

That’s all I have for now! If you made it this far, then thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day or night and remember to never give up! The links to Harmony and my site are below!



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