GUESS AND LEARN Careers by Pauline Y. Atilite

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GUESS and LEARN Careers: My Community Workers’ book is a vibrant and engaging community book that takes young learners along different social workers’ roles. Building self-confidence by encouraging children to be who they would like in life while promoting diversity, community, and social inclusion.

This interactive story is about different professions, it highlights community helpers, and it is very insightful for young readers as they think about their future careers. The storytelling not only teaches children about public service members but also delves into what they do, why it is important for their community, and how each helps the other. A reminder that Everyone is important!

My Inspiration

I was raised by my father who was a teacher and helped me to develop a passion for reading and writing at an early age. My inspiration for writing children’s books also came from the traditional heritage of both my parents and grandparents. As my siblings and I grew up, they used to tell us guessing stories a better way for them to teach us important life lessons and values.

The guessing format helped them check our understanding and make sure that we would remember and keep these values for the rest of our lives so we could also transfer that heritage to our kids. When I had my kids, I started sharing that heritage with them and that’s when I realized that I could publish my stories and share them with children around the world.

What is my target audience?

My target audience consists of young readers from 2 to 8 years old as they develop early literacy skills. The hosts of careers are performed by diverse multicultural characters with which the young readers might identify. The question prompt ”Can you guess?” keeps the reader interested, inspires curiosity, and awakens their imagination.

The GUESS AND LEARN Careers is an interactive story paired with bright illustrations that can captivate both kids’ and adults’ attention.

What readers could get out of my book?

The book offers more than just an entertaining tale. It imparts a powerful message about embracing one’s true calling and recognizing the importance of one’s role in a large context. Young readers will be inspired to reflect on their own abilities, passions, and the significance they hold within their communities.

What are my future goals and plans?

Writing children’s books is my passion, it inspires a sense of joy, adventure, magic, and wonder. I want to inspire children to read, to write, create, and imagine their own dreams. I also enjoy learning from children, yes, my primary goal is not only teaching them. I will keep writing and publishing more worthy stories to contribute to children’s literature. I am working on my 3rd and 4th books that will be published in 2024. I am working hard to establish a career as kidlit author.

About myself

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pauline Y. Atilite is a wife and a mother of two, who dreamed of becoming a writer from an early age. In 2022, she convinced herself that it’s never too late to be what you might have been and decided to start her own publishing company, Guess and Learn, LLC, which is bringing up stories inspired by daily-life topics in an engaging manner to sharpen children’s critical thinking and improve early reading skills while promoting diversity, community, and social inclusion.


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