Guardians of the Stones. Earth – Air  by Paul White

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When I started writing Guardians of the Stones” I thought I was writing one book, but halfway through the book I realized that I had such a big story in my head that one book would definitely not be enough.

This is how the idea of writing a trilogy was born. Guardians of the Stones. Earth-Air is the first part of a trilogy. The book tells the story of an ancient brotherhood that protects the greatest secret of humanity – the stones of the four elements. However, before good there is always evil.

The situation changes dramatically when the power stones are brought out into the light of day and give their powers to humans. From that day, the balance of power in the world changed forever. A bloody battle between good and evil begins, in the middle of which several young people find themselves, not realizing that their lives will change beyond recognition.

Readers will experience many adventures, uncover great secrets, love, fight and experience loss together with the book’s characters.

It is a contemporary tale of the never- ending battle between good and evil. All the locations described in the book are real, as are the historical facts, so readers will have great pleasure traveling through the pages of the book. I am often asked what inspired me to write such a book, but I have never found an answer to this question.

The story was just born in my head and one day I decided that I should write it down. The events followed each other and before I was even half way through the first book I already knew that in order to tell the whole story coherently and in the way I wanted, I would need two additional books in the series. I hesitated for a long time before showing the book manuscript to the first readers, but I was very happy when I received the first feedback.

It turns out that I managed to create such a story that has no sense of age, I mean that the book will bring a lot of pleasure to both young and old readers.

I read hundreds of books before writing, and I’m sure I managed to subtly combine several different genres, so Guardians of the Stones will appeal to fans of adventure, detective, thriller, and fantasy. The day my first book was published was one of the happiest days of my life.

When you’re an inexperienced and new writer, you think you’re going to write a good book, deliver it, and the whole world will go crazy over it. Unfortunately, the truth is very different. It is not enough to write and publish a book. It’s a huge market with space-sized competition. Therefore, every author, like me now, must understand that the writer’s path is not only long, but also very difficult and bumpy.

Everyone who writes a book dream of being able to make a living from what they do.

But for that to happen, you need to use a lot of willpower, have a lot of stubbornness, and every time you stumble, get up and go forward. Today, I dream that my books will captivate readers all over the world, but my journey is just beginning. I understand and am ready for what awaits me.

Hoping with all my heart that one day my sleepless nights and tremendous work will pay off. I am grateful to Authors’ Lounge for the opportunity to tell about myself and I invite everyone who likes to read to get acquainted with my story and become fellow travelers on my long journey. I promise that even if you think it’s not that good, you will definitely have a lot of fun until you close the last page of the book. Let’s travel together. Let’s grow together.

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