Book Feature: The Brotherhood of the Wone

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Len Stage’s The Brotherhood of the Wone is science fiction meets Indiana Jones.

When we talk of science fiction adventures, we think of Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? or Robert Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. In films, Star WarsPlanet of the ApesAvatar, and Star Trek comes to mind. Len Stage’s The Brotherhood of the Wone is a unique sci-fi adventure. The Brotherhood of the Wone combines myth, sci-fi, and a bit of Indiana Jones on the mix. The result is a light but remarkable adventure for both young adult and mature readers.

An Unexpected Journey

Brotherhood of the Wone tells the story of Lon, a quiet man who lives in a small town. Lon makes a living by being a handyman, as he is trained in mechanics and electronics. Lon is also an ambulance technician. For most of his life, he has lived quietly with his family and friends. Lon is compassionate but is also selective of people he interacts with.  

One day, Lon’s quiet life is disturbed by a visit by Jean Conway. Jean Conway is the daughter of the town’s museum owner and a childhood acquaintance. Jean had found a strange piece of a Mayan priest’s robe from Belize. Jean, along with her husband Bill, are both well-connected in the field of archaeology. Yet Jean could not make sense or find any more details about the piece. Little did she know that what she holds is one of the greatest forces ever known, and had been dormant for many centuries.

“Jean studied that map and the hieroglyphics every night. Tonight, she connected some of the ancient warship rituals together to form a complete ritual. She was trying to tell us something but she was so excited, we couldn’t understand her at all. She finally said what was making it so hard was that this particular piece of cloth was not just Mayan. It was a hybrid of Mayan, Aztec, and Toltec. That combination was impossible to translate, according to all recorded facts about these three ancient civilizations. They lived at different times and had many differences concerning their religions. They also spoke different languages. But here it was, the combination of all three tribes in one all-important religious practice.” – Excerpt from The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage

The Brotherhood of the Wone takes us to an extraordinary adventure filled with ancient magic, breath-taking discoveries, and a thrilling journey.

According to Len Stage The Brotherhood of the Wone is inspired by a short story written by his youngest son a few years back. 

Possible Future Sequel

In an interview with prominent radio host Kate Delaney, Stage also discussed, in part, his other works as well as his plans in writing a sequel.

“I’m going to start as soon as things light up a little bit…and I’m gonna start writing the other book. I’ve already started taking notes on what I’m going to do, how I’m gonna do it, and what I’m going to say in the other book.”

About the Author

Len Stage is married with three kids. He currently resides in North Idaho. He worked at various jobs and did manual labor and never really thought he could write a book because he has dyslexia. He struggled with this condition for most of his childhood until he met a teacher who taught her how to manage things eventually. Len Stage finished school and with the help of modern computer technology, Len was able to develop and pursue a passion for writing stories.


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