Godly by Zachary S Gott

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Godly is a seven-book series following Jacob and Videl Godly and their family as they learn of their divine origins and try to deal with the repercussions of fighting for their freedom.

Jacob and Damon Godly had thought themselves normal boys until Athens was attacked by monstrous chimeras led and controlled by Chaos. After discovering they were demigods, they went to Mount Olympus to train to be able to defend themselves and claim their divinity for themselves.

Chaos is trying to create a being called a pure demi-god, a demi-god born of two demi-god parents, so he can steal their body and inhabit it, taking their unbelievable power for himself. Videl is a pure demi-god and tells the reader her father’s (Jacob’s) story in conjunction with her own.

About Godly

Godly is a series about many things, from parenting ideas to philosophical waxing about morality, but at its core, Godly is about acceptance, kindness, and empathy. The series was designed for a young adult or older audience and featured some adult topics while trying to balance reality’s dark and gritty realism with the bright and beautiful wholesomeness of love and family. Godly allows both miracles and tragedy and is filled to the brim with both, along with a touch of a slice of life to allow for breaks from the action and character progression.

Between incredible magic, gods from every pantheon, monsters unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and epic battles that scar our heroes’ bodies and souls, you would think there wouldn’t be time for personal struggles through the series, but that couldn’t be farther from the case. The personal struggle of nearly every character in the main cast is explored at one point or another, and many of them tie directly into the main plot. Each book in the series has several self-contained stories and an overarching plot (which some of the smaller stories tie back to), but you can still enjoy one without having read the rest.

Although the series was written to be enjoyed as books, it was originally intended to become the blueprint for an animated TV series. I worked on the series from a juvenile state when I started developing it at sixteen years old, and it spent ten years in development before I came up with an ending that made me decide that I needed to write it. The entire series was written in first drafts before the books became published, and even after the main series is complete, I have plans for more books in the world following our favorite characters.

The Author’s Goal

My goal for the series is mainly to entertain but also to try and get readers motivated to try and better themselves for their own sake and for the good of everyone around them. Not in a sense of trying to preach, but by showing the value in treating others kindly and with respect.

Currently, two books are available in the series; Godly; and Godly: Fire And Ice. The third book, Godly: War should be published at the beginning of this summer, and I’m looking at publishing book four, Godly: Children in November. But you should look out for Godly: Return; Godly: Love; and Godly: Heritage to follow them in the coming years.

I’m an indie-author and very grateful to be featured on The Authors’ Lounge. I’m from a pretty small town in Maine and opportunities like these don’t come around here very often. Anyone who would like to contact me for business or feedback about the books are welcome to contact me at: [email protected]

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