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ReadersMagnet delightfully contacted about my book and requested I join Author’s Lounge and give information about my book called “Glimpses of Home”. The book is a compilation of experiences or incidents that happened to me in my growing up years at home as a preacher’s kid. My life began as a soldier’s daughter on an army base. My earliest recollections were of my Dad coming home from the Korean war. What a great time that was and it’s all in chapter 2. He soon left the Army and went into the ministry. I was one of five to be born into this family and the stories revolve around my family. Since I was about 3 when Dad became a minister, most of the book is pertaining to a 15-year span of my life as a minister’s child.

Battling cancer for the second time, I faced the fact that cancer could well be my ticket home. That thought triggered my need to start writing down thoughts I wanted to share. I recorded these stories mainly for my children and their children as well. I wanted them to know a little bit about me just in case I couldn’t personally tell them. The writings were not originally intended to be a published book, just precious memories. Not only did I want them to know about me and my family but about how God met every need. It was important to me that they know that my faith in God was at the core of my existence. So, I incorporated a spiritual application at the end of each story.

Some people assume one of two things about a minister’s kid. One, that a child in the ministry grows up as a little monk or goody two-shoes. One who goes through life with folded hands, humming hymns and blessing every flower that grows. They think the kid never experiences the real world. Wrong! Or, the second thought is that the minister’s kid is the worst of the worst. Again, wrong. This book certainly kicks both notions off the page.

Glimpses of Home” was written in a primary, simple language so a child could read and understand. My goal was to write so that they would enjoy hearing and learning about me while expanding their imaginations. They could read about a real little person their age in real life situations. Something which could potentially spark questions to ask their parents. Something that they might want to keep and read to their children.

As the writings accumulated, family members and friends read and enjoyed the tales. Although the writings were simple, they could relate to my antics and encouraged me to publish as a book. So, the plans for my “Glimpses of Home” started taking form.

Not discounting God’s healing powers, I sometimes think the writings were somewhat therapeutic because I wrote my way through several months of radiation and chemotherapy until I was declared cancer free.

The preface of the book described the book pretty well as it stated that each day growing up in a preacher’s home was ordinary living to us. But to others, they found it interesting and a must read. They really encouraged me to publish and share them. Because the interest spanned all age groups, I decided not to restrict it to just children’s literature.

In “Glimpses of Home” I share some hair-raising stories such of being caught in a flash flood, being stabbed in my back yard, being chased by an angry stallion with only a handful of apples with which to defend myself and the list goes on. Each chapter of the book is a short read with a spiritual application at the end. Ideal for an aged baby boomer’s relaxing read down memory lane or for a young child’s devotional at bedtime.

The book was first published as a paperback by Crossbooks Publications. I sold my first 200 copies just before the company closed shop. To my surprise, our pastor highly endorsed the book one Sunday morning. And neighbor of mine even bought 10 copies for her family for Christmas so you could say it was the best seller in my neighborhood for a day!

Later I placed the book on Amazon as an e-book. I hoped it would sell but I lacked the know-how in the writer’s world to make that happen. I had no clue how to get my book noticed and didn’t have deep pockets to hire it done. Getting included in the Author’s Lounge may give me that avenue.

Thank you, Authors Lounge for exposing this book to others. May the readers enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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