Giacomo Casanova: History’s Notorious Womanizer

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Casanova, the 18th century’s notorious womanizer, has inspired not only literature but also modern-day films with his wild adventures and intriguing love affairs.

“Conjuring Casanova” by Melissa Rea

Elizabeth Hillman, an emergency room doctor, has been hurt by the men in her life too many times. That’s why she prefers to spend her free time alone, reading the memoir of Giacomo Casanova, who was known as a famous pleasure-seeker and a notorious womanizer throughout history. However, after a tragic incident involving a child under Lizzy’s care, she takes a break and goes to Venice, Italy. There, on a beautiful rooftop, she encounters Casanova himself. Even in 2016, Casanova hasn’t changed. He continues to seduce Lizzy’s friends, gets arrested for putting children in danger, and even sleeps with the cleaning lady. Although Lizzy is bothered by his behavior, she is determined to enjoy their conversations without falling for his legendary charm. However, as Lizzy and Casanova travel to Paris in search of an answer to a love-related question that could have changed his life, a passionate love affair begins to unfold. Lizzy finds herself learning about love and life from an eighteenth-century pleasure-seeker, who seems like the perfect teacher for a modern and cautious woman like her.

Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova was an Italian adventurer and notorious womanizer who lived from 1725 to 1798. Born in Venice to a family of actors, Casanova received a good education and became fluent in several languages. He embarked on a life of travel and indulgence, moving throughout Europe and engaging in various occupations to support himself. Casanova’s reputation as a seducer grew as he charmed and pursued relationships with women from all walks of life. His love affairs were passionate but often short-lived. Casanova faced legal troubles and was arrested multiple times for various offenses. He managed to escape from prison on several occasions. Casanova was also a prolific writer, penning plays, poems, and works on multiple subjects. In his later years, he faced financial difficulties and lived in obscurity, working as a librarian. He died at 73, leaving behind his memoirs, which offer a fascinating glimpse into his adventurous and romantic life.

Casanova and His Romantic Adventures

Casanova talks in detail about the women in his life and his experiences with over two hundred sexual partners. He includes conversations in his memories, but some may have been made up or exaggerated. By the time Casanova had his first sexual experience with two young noblewomen, he was already on his way to a life of sexual adventures.

Donna Lucrezia

One of Casanova’s most passionate affairs was with Donna Lucrezia. It started innocently enough during a carriage ride to Rome. Lucrezia’s naive husband overlooked Casanova’s advances during their trips together. He also seemed to ignore the time they spent alone. Casanova boasts about sneaking into bed with Lucrezia and her virgin sister, making love to Lucrezia four times before turning his attention to Angelica, her 17-year-old sister, shortly before her wedding. It’s hard to know if the story is true, especially considering Angelica’s disdain for Casanova, but tales like these have contributed to Casanova’s legendary status.


Using a pseudonym, Henriette was Casanova’s greatest love and possibly the woman who broke his heart. She disguised herself as a man to escape her angry husband and used Casanova and other men to live luxurious lives while fleeing to Parma. She was everything Casanova desired in a lover: beautiful, intelligent, and from an aristocratic background. However, Henriette didn’t want a committed relationship. Ultimately, she left Casanova, leaving him abandoned and almost bankrupt. Decades later, Casanova maintained a correspondence with the now widowed Henriette, and though he never saw her again, he continued to love her despite being unable to be with her.


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