Generational Ignorance by LaQuon S. Johnson

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BAD Things Happen for GOOD Reasons

LaQuon S. Johnson

Generational Ignorance is a parabolic memoir based on true accounts of the inner-city family dynamic.  This manuscript is about the relationship between individuals that stem from diverse walks of life who conceive a child named Samiel that has the misfortune or luxury of grappling with the emotional inheritance bestowed upon him. The disconnect between the predecessors obviously creates an unconventional upbringing for Samiel. 

His parents possess contradicting ideologies as it pertains to education, economic values, nutrition, and most of all, parenting, in general. Samuel’s “childhood” transpires in the blink of an eye, and he now has the duty to make decisions without fundamental didactic.  

Generational ignorance was inspired by the reality of the turmoil all too many of us endure within the urban environment. The dysfunction includes, but are certainly not limited to, children having children, individuals looking for love in all the wrong places, impoverished households yearning to fulfill an unfulfillable void with material gain, and mentors, coming in the form of those who have not a clue where they themselves went wrong. 

The target audience for this book is the 18–30-year young victim of those harsh certainties of the forgotten.  Generational ignorance was written for the young adult that seldomly thinks but feels the effects of not being encouraged to pursue their passion by their precursor(s).  This parable was composed for the eyes and ears of the disenfranchised that truly believe they have no control over their current circumstances and have been dealt a “bad hand” by the powers that be. 

The objective of this book was to provoke thought in terms of one’s ancestry and the paramount part we all play in further sculpting our identity.  The intention for the young matriarch is to honestly ask herself, “If I did not have children and the responsibility of caring for anyone else other than myself, what would I be doing or pursuing shall I say?” 

For the young patriarch that finds himself in a conundrum of despair due to carelessness, propaganda, and lack of insight, ask yourself this question, “Who are the people that I involve myself with and/or what are the things that I am attracted to that have caused the most harm in my life?”  And, for the most impressionable, but most important reader of them all, those that have the world at their beck and call due to their relative to childhood, ask yourself, “When I were, let’s say, 8-12 years old, what did I like doing for sheer amusement, enthusiasm, and happiness?”   

Generational Ignorance is my third manuscript and basically a compilation of the previous two manuscripts.  After reading the best seller Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter. Written by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, I realized that writing was a passion that I have long forgotten about. Therefore, during the pandemic, I set out on my journey to become an author.  But where would I start?  Maybe by writing the book, but I would soon learn that it simply was not that easy. Initially, I was going to compose a book of personal quotes, but my “better half” informed me that would be boring and a bit mundane. 

After careful consideration, I realized she was right, as ALWAYS! Therefore, I decided to write a book of parables related to my life’s experiences with proceeding quotes, entitled Motivational Motives. However, as the universe or fate would have it, Motivational Motives became public on Amazon on a an extremely disheartening day.  My wife who is almost a decade my junior was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and given 3-4 years to live. As you can imagine, this was a devastating occurrence and bittersweet turn of events.  

I have served as a Rehabilitation Counselor and am currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy accolade (PhD) in Counseling. Therefore, I am quite versed in motivating, inspiring, and tapping into the heart’s desire of others.  Now, it was my time to turn the inner cheek., and take my own advice, tutelage, and encouragement. And that’s what I did by way of discipline, dedication, and determination. Once me and my wife came to grips with our new life, I began writing Habitual Habitat: An Urban Sermon. 

Also, a book of parables with a Food for Thought at the end of each story.  These manuscripts as well as my wife’s health condition which took a miraculous turn for the better 9 months post her diagnosis, propelled my passion for progression and enabled the mantra I live y today, “Bad things happen for GOOD reasons”. 

Oh, and one last thing, I am legally blind in both eyes with an acuity of 20/600 via a genetic condition named Stargardts.  For that reason, my books are available not only in hard copy on Amazon, but they can also be acquired on Audible and Apple iTunes.

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