FROG PUDDING by Denise Pikolycky

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Frog Pudding is not just about the kind of trouble that we can imagine a huge, leaping frog can cause.  It’s a humorous story about a family who forgets their youngest child’s 9th birthday while struggling to adapt to life during the Covid epidemic.  

Told by 9-year-old Vernon himself, you will find out how a huge, loud, big eyed, leaping frog gave him the funniest day of his life! 

You will see through Vernon’s eyes how, even though they didn’t catch the Covid virus, it still affected his family, his friends and everyone in his neighborhood. 

Don’t worry, there’s no real trauma or sadness in this story.   Vernon tells us how they all found ways to have fun while stuck at home. 

I am sure we all can remember how different life was during the Covid scare.  I chose to confine myself at home to prevent catching and spreading the virus to my family and anyone else.  I only went grocery shopping twice a month.  I found a place that would let you call in your order and put the groceries in your trunk!  

I just have to say, I have never seen so many home deliveries in my neighborhood since then!  Big brown vans, pizza delivery cars, white delivery vans, all inspired a mention in this story. 

 I don’t think any of us will ever forget about the toilet paper.  I still don’t understand why everyone bought so much!  You won’t be surprised to find there’s plenty of toilet paper in this story too!

Stores were closed, gatherings were limited or cancelled and the television was full of bad news and reruns.  I felt like I needed to write about the effects Covid was having on our lives, especially the lives of the children of all ages who couldn’t go to school.  

I knew that I had to make it funny somehow while being respectful of the devastation some families experienced during that time.  I took out one of my unfinished manuscripts, a humorous story I wrote years ago about a big bull frog and decided to blend it with Covid information.     

I just think kids needed to have an explanation, even a say in everything that was happening, and especially what was NOT happening during that epidemic!  The best way to do that was to let Vernon tell the story.

 It’s refreshing to see how this family worked things out, managing to keep their sense of humor through all of their social and financial changes.  Each character will take turns making you and your children smile and laugh out loud.

There’s some sibling rivalry between Vernon and his older sister Susie, that is resolved by Vernon in an old-fashioned way which is harmless but shocking to Susie!   

There are a few parental habits and moods we can all relate to and if we are honest, you will find them to be humorous but thought provoking.  Be prepared parents because Vernon tells it all!

Frog Pudding is geared for children who can read on their own, and for young teens and parents too!  It’s a fun read for the whole family!

I am hoping Frog Pudding encourages our youth of all ages to journal their own experiences, and even inspire them to tackle publishing at a young age.

I have heard great comments from the young children who have read Frog Pudding and found it to be very funny from beginning to end.  One young lady who is hoping to write a book someday, was inspired to get started right now!  I have heard from smiling, laughing adults who have read Frog Pudding and are happy that their children read the book and enjoyed it as much as they did.  

 I enjoyed writing Frog Pudding.  I felt a lot of satisfaction from telling Vernon’s view of things.

I was an Activity Director at a nursing home for Veterans for 28 years.  It was an honorable career.  I was paid to make sure everyone had fun!   I truly believe that everyone should have lots of laughter in their lives no matter what age we are.  I did my best to see that the people in our care had something enjoyable to do or to read.  

 I raised my two wonderful children while working full time and building my small Arabian horse breeding farm.  Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I took a writing course from home with the Institute for Writing Children’s Literature.  It was wonderful!  When I finished the course, I sold a short story to a magazine called Short Stuff!  I really didn’t have time for more than that.   I actually looked forward to getting older and retiring to have more time to write!  

Now my children are grown and have children of their own, the horses are gone and I am retired, filling my spare time writing humorous books that will make people happy.  Humor is important!  

Please take a look at my author’s page,  You can purchase my books from there and read more about me.  You can find Frog Pudding for sale on as an e-book and paperback. 

There will always be more books to see on my author’s page.  I just can’t stop writing! 

Special thanks to The Author’s Lounge for encouraging me to share this story with you. 


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