Frankie the Ferret by Kimberley Paterson

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My debut children’s book is all about Frankie, our pet ferret for nine years who provided us with endless amusement with his funny little antics.  The book is written in rhyming verse with detailed colorful illustrations that walk you through the day in the life of a very rambunctious, energetic and funny little ferret who at times could be quite mischievous.   I have outlined the advantages as well as the disadvantages of having a ferret as a pet by showing the special care that is required by these exotic pets

My lifelong dream was to publish a children’s book about our beloved pets but there are a lot of books about the typical animals such as cats or dogs, but not so many about a pet ferret.  I have always believed that little is known about ferrets and I wanted to share this with children and their parents everywhere.  I have always felt that there was a learning experience for children and their parents on how ferrets are very different than your normal everyday furry members of your family.

 Now that I have four grandchildren, they inspired me to write the book about Frankie.  We used to tell them stories about the ferrets that we had as pets and they were very excited to learn all about them so I realized that a book would be the best way to show them.  Frankie was the most animated of all our ferrets and he always seemed to be able to find trouble wherever he went so I focused the book around him.  This way, my grandchildren, as well as children everywhere would be able to explore the daily adventures of our little furry friend.

Ideally, Frankie would appeal to children from the ages of 1 to 8.  It is a very entertaining book to read to the younger children but also would appeal to those just learning to read.  Older siblings and parents would also enjoy reading Frankie to the younger members of their family.  Frankie the ferret would be a great book to keep in stock at your local public schools, libraries and daycare centers.

I believe in the power of reading for young minds, I feel that learning to read can open plenty of new opportunities for learning, growing and developing as well as providing relaxation and enjoyment.  Frankie the Ferret has been very well received which is satisfying in itself but I would like to continue promoting the book to reach as many readers as possible.  Frankie received a review from a First Grade Student in the US who enjoyed the book so much that they declared Frankie the second-best book in the world!  For me, this is the greatest compliment that a children’s book author could ever receive!

Kimberley Paterson is a first-time author of a children’s illustrated book entitled Frankie the Ferret.  Frankie is an award-winning book that explores the daily adventures of their rambunctious pet ferret.  Kimberley was born in Uxbridge, Ontario, a small rural farming town north of Toronto in Canada and still lives nearby.

Kimberley is the mother of two children and the grandmother of four amazing little people who were the inspiration for this book.  She currently lives in the countryside in Claremont, Ontario with her spouse Doug along with their chocolate lab Molly and orange and white tabby Tucker.

Currently, I am working on my second book that is dedicated to my only granddaughter.  More details to follow as we progress to the publication and proposed book launch.

Frankie the Ferret is available at Amazon, click this link to check him out:

Thank you very much to Authors Lounge for this wonderful opportunity to present myself and my book, I truly appreciate their support!


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