Four Keys to the Natural Anabolic State—The Pathway to Health, Fitness, Faith, and a Huge Competitive Edge by William G. Aston

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What is your book all about?

The following excerpt sets the stage for understanding the nature and purpose of this book.

The natural anabolic state is not an emotional high, positive thinking, mental readiness, or some fluffy new trend. This powerful biochemical state stems from the human stress-response system, and it is measurable, achievable, and scientifically irrefutable.    

The human stress response system is a God-given physiochemical force that continuously reacts to everything we do and everything we think. Based on signals from our cognitive brain, this powerful system can release a chemical mix that will help us win or one that will help us endure the consequences of losing. One of these chemical brews will boost our energy and strength, increase our chances of winning, and improve our health; the other will dull our senses, weaken us, increase our chances of losing, and make us sick. The choice is up to you, and the difference will blow your mind!

I’m a retired professor of exercise science, and I specialize in the human stress response system. About a year ago, while doing research for a seminar on the chemistry of worrying, I discovered a previously unexplored thread of scientific data that sent chills up my spine. As I dug deeper into the research, I began to connect the dots on some seemingly unrelated studies and was blown away! It was at that point that I began to write Four Keys to the Natural Anabolic State—The Pathway to Health, Fitness, Faith, and a Huge Competitive Edge.

This book discloses gaping flaws in the current studies of stress and anxiety and introduces the Dual Anxiety Theory, Anabolic Anxiety, Catabolic Anxiety, and The Cause/Effect Model of Stress. This book clearly offers groundbreaking science, but it also offers trust, faith, and common sense, and it is written in a conversational style that all readers can understand and enjoy.  

In addition to its scientific discoveries, this book offers a host of fascinating analogies, stories, and personal accounts. For example, readers will meet Jenny—the girl who achieved a seemingly impossible goal, Susie—the most aggressive shortstop I’ve ever seen, Hank—the infielder who experienced his worst nightmare, John Doe—the guy who experienced all five types of stress before leaving his driveway, Attila the Hun—a role model of humility, Irena Sendler—the woman who proved that honesty means more than simply telling the truth, and Saul of Tarsus—the man whose life and legacy led an aging professor to finally find Christian faith.

What inspired you to write the book?

I originally set out to write a book about the chemistry of worrying, a topic which I’ve taught in countless classes and seminars. I changed direction when my preliminary research revealed a stunning thread of previously unnoticed and seemingly disconnected studies. It was the discovery of that amazing thread of scientific data that compelled me to write this book.

The most motivated immediate audience for this book?

Athletes in every sport and students at every level will be immediately drawn to this book, because they are constantly competing and earnestly seeking a competitive edge. This group will find the first three chapters extremely enticing, because these chapters disclose the Key to Immediate Anabolic Empowerment. One of my most noticed promotional posts reads, “Coaches, If all of your players read this book, your team will become unbeatable, … until your opponents read it.”

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

I trust that each reader will gain knowledge and inspiration that will lead to better health, enhanced performance, greater motivation, and a more joyful life, but my most fervent hope and prayer is that each reader will also gain greater faith. Comments from the book’s initial reviewers indicate that the book has helped them to a find all these things, and one reader stated “the book has led me to a better understanding of myself.”

What are your future goals/plans for this book?

I intend to do whatever is necessary to get this book in the hands of millions of readers. I know that statement sounds like a pipe dream, but I have seen what this book can do for people, and I will persist.

I believe this opportunity to present my book on ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge is truly a Godsend. I am extremely grateful for the recognition and support this outstanding organization offers, and I know of no better platform for the gathering of authors and readers and the sharing of thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and principles.

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