Finding Elizabeth by Debra Meller

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Before submitting my book Finding Elizabeth to a publisher, I sent it along to a few friends for a critique, and when they read it, the first question they asked was, “Who are you?” Naturally, this was meant in jest; however, I certainly understood their question.

 “This is a fascinating, creepy story that will keep you up at night!” —Patricia, Amazon Review

“I felt that what I liked most about this book is that it was very different than other thrillers that I have read.” —Amanda Taylor, Amazon Review

Finding Elizabeth: A Thrilling Hunt for a Sadistic Killer Blurring Fiction and Fact

“Finding Elizabeth” is a gripping thriller that explores a chilling crime scene where a family is found murdered and posed like mannequins. The only person missing is their maid, Elizabeth, who becomes a central figure in the investigation. Detective Crombie and criminal psychiatrist Dr. Killam team up to hunt down a psychopath with a thirst for death. The novel is told in a unique style that blurs the line between fact and fiction, making it an ideal choice for fans of suspenseful thrillers and historical fiction.

Exploring Psychosis and Power in Fictional Characters

In this book, my main character’s personality is the polar opposite of mine, but I have to admit that my nursing background did come in handy when it came to creating Elizabeth’s psychosis. 

My secondary main character, Doctor Killiam, a criminal psychiatrist, was the first to pose the question of whether a woman could be behind the grizzly Hamilton family murders. Detective Inspector Crombie, wasn’t so sure as the bodies, all in different stages of decomposition had been skillfully placed around the dining room table. In his notes, he wrote, ‘it appeared as though the murderer had set a scene, only he could enjoy it.’ 

Although most believed, as the inspector did, that a man was behind this, Elizabeth would go on to murder several other people, always taking her time to stage the bodies in a way that amused her. She would eventually be caught, but keeping her behind bars until her day with a hangman wouldn’t be so easy. Doctor Bertram, who was chosen by the crown to assess her, would later describe her as being “a psychopath of the worst kind, with narcissistic tendencies,” yet despite his skill in dealing with this type of behavior, she always remained in control.

Flipping the Script on Psychological Thrillers

The Asylum was the first psychological thriller I wrote and it was that book that eventually inspired me to write Finding Elizabeth.

Over the years, I have read several books portraying men as cold blooded killers and women as their victims. I decided, at least in these two books, to turn things around.

Finding Solace in Words

Prior to 2014, the thought of writing a book never occurred to me, but when my son passed away after struggling with depression and anxiety for many years, I needed an escape from reality. This began my writing journey and I chose historical fiction simply because it took me back to a time that seemed less complicated. I currently have two other books waiting in the wings for a good home and I am now in the process of completing my first suspense thriller, set in 2016.

Thanks to Authors’ Lounge, I am able to share a little about my journey to becoming a published author…

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