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I, S. N. Bronstein, have a crime story series consists of four published books, and one completed WIP that will be ready for release shortly.

The first book in the series is The Case of the Miami Philanthropist. The antagonist is a very wealthy and politically powerful businessman who leads a rather quiet and private life. Business matters require him to have a young female intern work after hours at his estate to complete a major project.

Bored with the slow pace of her work, Mr. Kendall Somers begins cocktail hour early that day.

The Story so Far

The alcohol appears to get the best of him, and the usually rational and logical Somers makes sexual advances towards the young girl. She resists and during the struggle she falls and strikes her head on a countertop. The head trauma results in her accidental death.

Somers ultimately conceives a plan to have the body removed and crime scene cleaned.

When evidence begins to place suspicion on him, the police and politicians begin a cover-up to protect this man with connections throughout the city. The official word filters down quickly that investigating him is off limits.

It will take a rogue private detective to bypass the police, State Attorney, and political machine to ultimately prove Somers was responsible for the accidental death and subsequent deception.

The book is packed with suspense, surprises, and old fashioned detective work.

On to the Second Book

The second in the series is The Case of the Miami Blackmailer. A socially prominent Ms. Talbot hires Detective Lavender to locate and destroy video evidence of an indiscrete and embarrassing evening she spent during her college years.

Obtaining the video and pictorial evidence was not difficult for Lavender once he gains the cooperation of the prostitute girlfriend of the blackmailer. The case becomes difficult when the girlfriend is murdered by the blackmailer for cooperating with the detective.

The case now becomes personal for Lavender. Tracking the fugitive from Miami Beach to Brooklyn is a challenge, and the chase is compounded by Federal DEA agents who do not want the subject caught.

This book is a classic ‘go catch em’ with twists and turns that will keep the reader glued to the story from beginning to end.

Let’s Get to Nitty Gritty of the Third Installment

The third in the series is The Case of the Miami Vigilante. When nine unrelated and seemingly random people are killed in a short time span, police think a serial killer is loose. Michael Jerome is ultimately arrested and enters a guilty pleas to all nine killings.

Detective Lavender, while conducting interviews in the Miami-Dade County Jail on an unrelated case, is handed a 53 page jail house diary by Jerome who claims to be a righteous vigilante, not a serial killer.

Using this diary, Lavender and a psychiatrist attempt to determine if Jerome is a serial killer or not. The diary is presented in its entirety along with comments by the doctor in this forensic psychology styled book.

In the end, the reader must decide.

Fourth Time is a Charm

The fourth in the series is The Case of the Yellow Flower Tattoo.

This adventure takes place on Miami Beach in the South Beach/Art Deco area, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation.

The main character, Detective Lavender, is working a routine missing persons case and in the course of the investigation runs head-on with the local Russian Mafia. The plot deals with the detective’s need to address the missing person’s whereabouts while confronting this organization that is involved in the disappearance.

This case proves to be a challenge for Lavender who must use deception, guile, and cunning to outwit his antagonists and find the man he is seeking.

The popularity of South Beach, the unique environment of 24/7 party life and hedonistic crowds of tourists inspired me to use this location for the story. I,S. N. Bronstein, felt this was the right city, the right plot, and the right mix of characters for the crime story.

Who Should be Reading the Books?

The target audience for all four books is crime story enthusiasts who enjoy fast moving, succinct stories with a police procedural theme.

All of my books are available on Amazon, most other online booksellers, and all of my works can be found for review and purchase on my website: snbronsteinauthor.com

I, S. N. Bronstein, can be found on Twitter at @miamibeachPI


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