Feature Article: The Struggles That Made You

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What Is A Struggle? 

You experience difficulty in a situation. You make a great effort to study, lessons in school or a job, career, or survival. It may also be a battle or fight to win or perhaps a fight for one’s life to live. It could also be strife between good and evil.  

What Are The Struggles In Life?

There are different struggles in life. Some may seem easy, and some are not. Here are some of the struggles that we have in our everyday life.

I have to wake up early for school or work. Some people set the alarm to wake up every morning. Sometimes the alarm won’t work, or it is just so hard for you to get up even with the alarm.

Sometimes if you’re late for work, it is also a struggle; try browsing the book written by Caroleann Rice on what to wear what you will have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Stress on the traffic jam. 

In some instances, when the work gets tough, you wonder if you have chosen the right profession—trying to make ends meet on your expenses or debts—midlife crisis or mental breakdowns at work, love life, family problems, etc. 

Anxiety on whether you locked the door or not, whether you turned the gas stove or lights off. Struggles on sleep. You are losing sleep or having trouble sleeping, especially when there are a lot of problems at hand and you have a lot of things to think about.  

If you are married, you struggle to balance your career and family—the demands on the children’s health, school, and activities. Having a family bond together requires the schedules to meet-here to have a family gathering When to meet your friends, at the height of your family’s schedule.

How Do You Keep Up With The Challenges In Life? 

Prepare a plan. First, you have to sleep early to wake up early. There are a lot of benefits to sleeping early, like you can wake up earlier and not feel tired. They enjoy longer quality sleep. You will have a better mood. In anything you will do, you have better concentration.   

If you feel down and the burden is difficult to carry, remember that you are not alone. People have obstacles in life. Problems in life will never run out, but it is up to you how to deal with them. 

There are times when you have to ask for help. Don’t let pride stop you from asking for a helping hand. Some people are ready to help. You will have to ask for help, and they will support you.  

Look at every situation as an opportunity to make big things happen. Do not fear failure or fear of making the right decision. Whatever challenges come your way, look at them from a bigger perspective to feel that this problem is so tiny compared to what you want to achieve. Do not let negative thoughts get in the way.

You have to persevere. Persistence is the key to overcoming your challenges in life. Do not give up. Learn from your mistakes and fight again. Fight to the finish.

Face your fears and conquer them. Analyze your fear and recognize it so you can act on it. 

Do not be too serious. Balance life’s struggles with fun and pleasure. Laugh more and discover the fun side of life. Laughter lightens the mood. Laughter releases endorphins that are good for your help. 

You have to laugh and dine with your friends. Enjoy their company. Watch comedy movies. Listen to fun music that elevates your spirit. Being happy affects our sense of optimism, confidence, and self-confidence. 

Take time to relax. Give time for yourself.

Struggles Are Liife’s Fulfillment. 

You have to learn to deal with your challenges in life. Remember, it takes time, endurance, and a positive attitude to achieve your goals and overcome the struggles of life. Every struggle rewards you. 

Life is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes you feel that you are in control of your life, and the next thing you know, you have been thrown a curveball. Everybody has their own set of challenges in life. Learning how to conquer challenges will make you strong in any circumstances that come your way.  

There is comfort every time you overcome a struggle. Struggles make you who you are. You are you because of the struggles you face. If there is no struggle, your life will be meaningless, and life will be a joyless existence.   


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