Feature Article: Praise for Moon Luck by Wayne Scott Harral

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Harral’s Science Fiction Novel “Moon Luck” Has Readers Raving Over a factual-based adventure of hushed conspiracies, secrets, and well-hidden negative emotions.

Wayne Scott Harral’s intriguing science fiction novel “Moon Luck,” tells the story of thirty astronauts living on the moon for extended periods. The story begins with astronaut scientists and astronaut-explorers growing plants on the moon, exploring and discovering mineral ores, conducting experiments and research, developing animosities while building close relationships with their colleagues at the same time. Everything was striving on the moon until one day, Bruce Hollmann (one of the base’s senior members) died in what appears to be an accident while performing equipment maintenance. In the station’s maintenance and repair (or “tool shed”) module, he repaired the lunar lander’s gearbox when a small-scale explosion punctured the module’s wall, causing it to depressurize. This leaves the readers to wonder: “Was it an accident or was it an act of another, and if a fellow astronaut killed him?”

Outstanding Reviews

Harral’s glimpse into the near future as we inhabit the Moon had readers swooning for its surprising revelations, thrills, and puzzles that keep their minds working like cogs in a clockwork. Thus, it is no surprise that people talk about it during the book’s first release.

According to Seattle Book Review, “Harral has done a great deal of research into current space technology and likely future developments, as the space station, the astronauts’ projects, and all the related technologies are described in convincing detail.”

A 5-star Amazon review, which has glued many readers, implied: “The author, Wayne Scott Harral, generated an engaging story through his thoughtful character development, in-depth research, and creative storyline. What makes this book truly unique is that, while it details advanced technologies and makes some exciting leaps into the future with them, I feel it is accessible to readers with no knowledge of the current and future research in the areas but remains enthralling to them and those familiar with the advancing field of space exploration.” – Michael D.

Another 5-star Amazon review makes the book different. It conveyed, “What a pleasant surprise! The “murder on the moon” element intrigued me, but the science around it was even more interesting. Mr. Harral , a civil engineer, clearly knows and loves science, technology and the subject of space exploration and he has a knack for making the reader wonder just where established science leaves off and science fiction takes over. Harral also utilizes his extensive experience as a world traveler and knowledge of international and cultural relations. “Moon Luck” is an effective and unique combination of science fact, fiction and suspense. Again, a pleasant surprise and an entertaining and educational read. I liked it a lot!”

Who is Wayne Scott Harral?

Wayne Scott Harral has been everywhere since 1957. Over those years, he has worked as a private pilot, Coast Guard officer, and infrastructure constructor. Wayne has a lot on his plate, being a BS, MS, and MBA in Civil Engineering holder. Aside from what has been mentioned, he has provided construction management services, particularly in the rail industry throughout the United States. 

He has worked and traveled in Qatar and the Middle East. He considers these experiences as an eye-opener. Scott, who loves to travel, has been to over 40 countries. Among his favorites is the Italian Alps which he visits every year. Scott’s adventures and travels outside the country let him discover the various lifestyles and cultures. 

On the other hand, Harral enjoys keeping an active lifestyle. His many hobbies include flying, martial arts, traveling, and winemaking.  

To know more about Wayne Scott Harral and his work, you can purchase a copy of Moon Luck’s book or visit his website today.


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