Feature Article: Do You Want To Be An Empress?

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An empress of the empire is a female ruler and a wife of a male ruler of an empire. She can also be a widow of an emperor.  An empress is a sovereign ruler with great power or a high-ranking official in an empire. She is considered a supreme monarch of the empire.  

The emperor’s parents choose an empress to be her wife. The title is bestowed upon her as an act of filial piety. An empress has a higher rank than the queen. A queen may have a kingdom, but the empress has more prominent than the kingdom. 

An empress’s primary role is to provide an heir to the kingdom. She will give birth to a male child who will be the future emperor of the dynasty. She is considered the mother of the state.

Women respect her throughout the empire. She was a role model to the ladies and women of the kingdom. An empress is the head of the internal palace, a dangerous quest on Secret Empress book, and has a prominent role on the emperor’s concubines or other wives.

The wives form her entourage in her household but do not perform concrete duties. When the empress emerges from her inner chambers, they must accompany her, so the wives will be e standing around and wait until the empress commands them otherwise. The wives will be at the empress’ beck and call to the empress’s commands without delay. The wives have to submit to express wishes any time of the day. 

When the empress needs something, the wives should provide them without second thoughts. Her demands are the law and order of the palace. In other words, she will command everything inside the palace. She makes decisions in the palace that are the rules to follow.   

What Are The Types Of Empress?

An empress regnant is a monarch who reigns in her own right over an empire. 

An empress consort is the spouse of the ruling king. They have no constitutional power and no significant influence over their country.

An empress dowager holds regency during the reign of the underage emperors. The power of the empress dowager is so great that sometimes they hold on to their power even if their son comes of age to be a ruler. Most of them are power-hungry and extend their control for long periods. 

Some countries or dynasties have political violence because of power struggles. They have political unrest, especially if the empress dowager greatly influences the people. Some empress dowager is so powerful that their sons will become their puppets because the empress dowager still wants to be in power. 

An empress’s mother is the mother of the empress dowager of the country’s reigning monarch.  

Why Do The Emperors Need Concubines With All His Empresses?

As an ancient tradition, only the emperors or kings had concubines. The empress inspected concubines for skin infections, hair, and odor. 

A concubine not legally married to the emperor is called a concubine or a mistress. Even if the emperors have different empresses, they still have concubines for sexual pleasure. The emperors want to have numerous children. Aside from this, concubines had their rooms. Their day was preoccupied with sewing, applying makeup – beautifying themselves for the emperor; some spent their time doing arts like painting, etc. They also socialize with the other concubines.  

Women not legally married to the emperor are called concubines or a mistress. The children of the mistresses or concubines are considered illegitimate unless the emperor allows it. The concubine children do not have any right to have an inheritance. 

An emperor can have as many concubines as they want.

Centuries ago, the emperor chose their concubines from low-income families. Families were forced to give up their daughters once the emperor had chosen them. Some concubines were chosen from low-income families, while some were not. 

Some families feel that it is unfair that their daughters give up their lives for the emperor. They feel sad for their daughters. For some, it is a privilege that their daughter is chosen because they want their daughters to have a decent life.

For them, life in the palace is better than their life. The women that the emperor chose to be concubines elevated their status. The emperors chose some from wealthy or well-to-do families, but some came from low-income families. Low-income families feel their lives will improve when their daughters are chosen. The concubines that the emperor chose will elevate their lives from poverty.  

When an emperor dies, the concubines who bore children are allowed to live as caretakers of the emperor’s tomb; however, those concubines who did not have any children would be buried with the emperor. Most empresses are happy and contented with their life being the empress because they get to do things that are advantageous to them. They benefit from their positions. Some empresses are useless. They don’t do anything and leave everything to the king. 

Happy for those countries whose empress are responsible and do their duty well. It is fortunate for the country if its empress is good and looks after the welfare of the people, especially those that are effective. So it is up to the empress how she wants her life. Her reign will depend on her choice.  


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