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Frank R. Heller’s debut Thriller book “The Secret Empress” makes waves that will excites readers with its engaging international issues taken forward using a tale that is situated in China.

The novel introduced a character named Joe Wilder, a retired government agent and a founder of a billion-dollar health and fitness conglomerate and traveled to China itself to meet the local deputy minister of trade, which eventually he found at it was a fraud and a fake minster was actually an empress of China, the daughter of Emperor Puyi, the last emperor of the Manchu Qing Dynasty.

The empress had a 12-year-old son, and the heir of her thrown named Charley (his real name was Chao Li). Charley’s existence became a viewpoint of the problem as most of the people subject him to exploitation and killing for their personal gains.

Wendy (the name of the Empress) basks Joe for bringing with him Charley to the United States where his child would live free, fearless, and without boundaries. It got more interesting. Joe accepted the assignment, given the fact that he was capable since he was well-suited for the responsibility since he was once an accomplished CIA field operative.

However, shortly after that, Wendy was found dead, and Bai Lang, a criminal organization and after the criminal organization released a German Assassin named Max Sterne, who was only one of the others who wanted Joe to fail from his responsibility of giving Charley a life he promised to the child’s imperial mother.

In this great Thriller, Heller manifests a remarkable premise that includes secrets from the Chinese Dynasty that makes readers curious and set on for a read. Along the way, the novel provides the readers with a suspenseful and action-packed chapter.

Moreover, the author’s knowledge of Chinese history and culture is clearly depicted in the novel. One of the impressive things the novel gives us is its dramatic atmosphere. It really gives a fantastic blend to the exciting and suspenseful backbone of the book. To write the book, he drew on his thirty years of experience working in and traveling to China in the import business.

With death in the opening pages, the novel would leave great enthusiasm for reading other stories in the same genre. Heller’s prose magic sets out this Thriller-binding novel on the pedestal of great books of our generation in the Thriller genre.

Anyone who wants to give it a try, visit www.thesecretempress.com, and if you ever want to purchase a copy of the book, you can visit Amazon.com for more information.  


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