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Infants and toddlers continue to explore the world by discovering new things, and reading is a big part of their learning and discovering the world. Here’s a breakdown of the wonderful connection found between books and children.

What Are The Best Books For Newborn Babies or Toddlers?

Black and white images send the most vital signals to your baby’s brain. When reading a book to the baby, keep the book within eight to twelve inches of the baby’s face so that the baby will see clearly. The newborn’s retina only sees contrasts between dark and light. Exposure to colored books isn’t that important yet.

Choose interactive books to stimulate brain development. Select books with rhyming words and songs to make it fun. Even if your baby does not understand your words, reading engages all their senses. It stimulates the brain. 

Bonding starts when you are reading books to your baby. It is never too early to start reading books to babies because it is for the brain and language development.

How Do You Read a Story Book To A Child?

Parents must read books aloud with facial expressions. The reader should show actions to translate the happenings in the book. Point out pictures that match your words. 

The child should be able to connect with the reader. They should respond with a smile, or a giggle, hold your hand or caress your face, etc. Repeat some words and sentences for the child to get the reader’s point of view. Reading a book is always the best way to distract a child from tantrums. It is a perfect way to calm them down.  

Readers should be sensitive to the child. You will know if the child is listening if they have lesser movements. If the child is restless, something must bother him, so read later when he is not distressed anymore.    

Make your reading more interesting to get the child’s full attention. Find books that are appealing to children. Check out the children’s book by Walter Hoge, where reading is fascinating. Changing the sound of your voice every time you change a character will be fun for the child. You can also bring props or costumes to expand the child’s imagination. 

Combine your story with humor to make it more amusing to the child. Bear in mind that a child has a wild imagination. A slight twist and turn make your story entertaining.   

How Much Time is Required for the Exposure of Books and Children?

The more reading a child does, the faster they develop as readers. For beginners, they can spend 15 or 20 minutes reading each day. The amount the child reads in a day is not important; what is essential is the amount of time he spends doing it. 

The recommended amount of reading is 15 to 20 minutes. If the child enjoys reading, it is acceptable to let him continue reading. However, we do not want the child to be too tired, so observe the child. It will take a while to have stamina when reading more extended periods. It will be alright if the child is used to reading longer times.

A child needs to have an audience in reading when learning how to read. Finding time to listen to your child’s reading is crucial. At the start, the child tends to read slowly because he is still trying to get used to how to pronounce the words. You have to listen to the words attentively to see if the pronunciation is correct.

It takes a lot of patience and time to listen to the child, especially if you are busy. But the time spent teaching a child how to read is precious and worthwhile. It would be best to understand that a child learning how to read takes much energy and concentration. Make it a point to let your child stay in a quiet place without too many distractions in the background, like television, music, gadgets, games, and the like. 

Letting the child read does not necessarily mean that you have to sit right next to him for you to listen. You can ask him to read while driving, doing the chores, cooking, preparing meals, etc. If she needs help reading a word, you can ask him to spell it out so you don’t have to stop whatever you are doing. 

When a child reads more, the more things he will know. The more he learns, the more places he can go.      


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