Elements of a Remarkable Children’s Illustrated Book

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Producing a remarkable children’s illustrated book requires certain elements that we often take for granted.

ReadersMagnet presents these elements that are essential in crafting a wholesome and remarkable children’s illustrated book.

A Captivating Title

Every book needs a suitable title to attract readers. Titles should generate interest. They should be easy to remember and somehow sum up what the book is all about. For children’s books, rhyming words and tone are familiar elements injected in creating titles. Adventures, magic, and mystery always draw kids’ attention. Rhyming words in titles are also good for name recall.

Unique Characters

Peter Pan, Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk), Thumbelina, Charlotte and Wilbur (Charlotte’s Web), Baloo, Bagheera, and Mowgli (Jungle Book) are all famous characters from classic children’s books. They are known for their unique personalities and adventures. Characters can make or break a children’s book, and therefore it is best to create your own set of characters that children will love and remember.

A Familiar Theme

One of the many advantages of writing children’s stories is that there is no shortage of themes. Friendship, family, new discoveries, meeting new people, confronting fears and problems, school, play, learning, and adventures are just some of the topics you can use to come with a great children’s narrative. Some modern books also tackle serious topics but adapting children’s language.

Pleasant Storyline

While conflicts, dangers, and evil are necessary to highlight what is good and right, writers must showcase a storyline that is easy to absorb and will not give kids trauma. One example is a kid’s story entitled The Ladybug and the Bully Frog. Despite the story being about the tension between a bully frog and the other animals, Caroleann Rice writes it in a way that is not violent or stressful to readers.

An Easy Backdrop

Settings contribute to making a story memorable and entertaining. They all depend on your storyline. In many children’s books, gardens and nature are standard settings. Home, neighborhood, and school are also familiar locations. For animal stories, forests, woodlands, rivers, and meadows are the best backdrops. Children are no stranger to castles and magical realms as well. In Caroleann Rice’s The Ladybug and the Bully Frog, the story takes place in a pond where a group of animals is playing.

Reader Sensibility

Children’s readers vary in age and comprehensions skills. That is why children’s books are often categorized into three age groups- babies (0 2), toddlers (2 3), early school (4 8), and middle childhood (6 12). It is essential to use the appropriate language for your book, depending on your target audience. Rhyme, repetition, voice, tone, flow, and even length of sentences all play crucial roles in writing an efficient kid’s story.

Adorable Images

A children’s illustrated book is 70-80 percent illustrations and pictures. They are the defining element of every children’s book. As such, it is essential that kids get to experience quality, adorable, and engaging drawings and pictures. Colors, medium, and rendition are crucial aspects in providing excellent illustrations. With today’s digital advancements, the quality of children’s book illustrations has dramatically improved.

Unforgettable Ending

A story’s ending will affect how readers will receive your book. For young readers, a pleasant ending with valuable lessons is expected. Children love surprises, but not as much as happy endings. And if you can make that happy ending a memorable one, something that they will always cherish, then they will read your book over and over again.

Exciting Packaging

Modern children’s books now come in various forms and sizes. The quality of paper has dramatically improved as well. Puzzles, maps, and even 3D foldable paper art are now incorporated in many children’s books. Coloring books and stickers will always attract kids compared to ordinary paperbacks. In today’s era of book marketing, it is a great advantage to be extra creative with presenting your masterpiece.

Overall Uniqueness

In the end, kids will remember your story because it is different from anything they have read before. Unique characters, unique plot, unique ending, and unique presentation will always be remarkable. So go out there, show your unique story, and give young readers an adventure they will never forget.


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