Experience Taught Mankind To Be The Best Person They Could Be

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No matter how many degrees we have or what kind of education we receive, there are some things that only life can teach us lessons that we only learn in school of life. Experience taught mankind how to go through life.

Life is the most excellent teacher – it teaches people things that no one else could. Yes, life has a way of teaching you lessons and experiences that you would never learn otherwise. Some of life’s lessons you would rather not have, and some of what we know we wish we did not have to have, and that is precisely what makes life such an excellent teacher. Life has its own logical and natural consequences. How would one learn if life was predictable and always in control? Things do not often go as planned, despite your best intentions. The solace is people can learn and grow from what life teaches them, no matter what! 

Life experience depends on situations and events of interactions with our environment and other people. You compose your expertise on an ongoing moment-to-moment basis. You do this by filtering and selecting bits and pieces of information from the much richer stream of information in which you are constantly immersed. Combining those bits and pieces with information and structure from your experience creates your current knowledge. The kind of life you have — happy or sad, secure or fear-filled, bland or exciting, meaningless or rewarding — may ultimately be determined more by how you manage that creative process than by the external circumstances you encounter.

Just as Alma Lightbody authored books for spiritual growth and guidance that teach us through her life experiences, Alma provides a one-step-at-a-time guide to help you see your life from a new perspective. Using personal examples from her own life, Lightbody shows you how to take responsibility for your choices, find the truth about what matters to you, and stand up for your beliefs. This manual presents definitions and information about how influences from various stages in your life imprint and mold your personality and discusses how your body speaks to and communicates with you. It can also help you understand the energetic and physical systems that support you and guide you through the charts of possibilities.

What do readers have to say about her book?

“I liked how the author shared past experiences while keeping the reader focused on themselves and their journey. You can tell a lot of thought, as well as experience, went into the writing.” Reviewed by Suzanne Gattis of Pacific Book Review. 

“Lightbody’s work stands apart from typical self-help guides for many reasons. Primary among them is that before any advice for change is prescribed, a significant portion of her book establishes the “background” reasons underlying one’s current state in relatable terms. When the author insists, “you can take back your life, have your thoughts and opinions and in doing so be completely healthy and happy,” she has lived this truth personally. Lightbody’s empathy and compassion for readers are evidenced throughout her book. Her life’s work, shared earnestly and passionately throughout these pages involves nothing less than sharing the reality of open possibilities for those seeking to “be their boss.” Ultimately, the book encourages the reader to become the only person responsible for creating their life story.” – Reviewed by Jonah Meyer of The US Review of Books.

Author Profile

Alma Lightbody has earned degrees in medical technology and an MBA in business. After two relationship breakups, a bankrupt company, and several near-death gastrointestinal bleeds, she experienced a profound inner awakening and made a 180-degree turn in how she viewed life. Her spiritual journey connected her with influential teachers in energy medicine and Shamanic healing, and for the last 25 years, she has practiced as a consultant and therapist. Alma has written two books about what she has learned from personal experience and her clients regarding understanding “who we are and who we are not.”


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