Feature Article: Alma Lightbody’s Energy Work and Treatments

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Alma Lightbody shares her practical knowledge through her books and her energy work and treatments.

Alma Lightbody is the author of two books; You’re Not the Boss of Me and My Wonderful Nightmare. Both works inspire readers to triumph against adversities, stress, and other challenges. Today, we take a closer look at Alma Lightbody as a health practitioner and therapist and discover how to re-create your life journey with Alma’s Treatments and Energy Works.

‘Energy work’ is our oldest form of healing practiced across time and in many different cultures.

As a healer, medicine woman, and therapist, Alma Lightbody believes in channeling energy to the patient to release them from past traumas, heavy energy, and long-held emotional burdens. Alma’s energy work involves recognizing the body’s seven energy waves or chakras that flow up the body from tailbone to crown. Everything in this world is made up of energy waves, and if channeled properly, they have the ability to heal and revitalize depleted and damaged areas of our physical bodies. Energy work has been proven to help patients recover from accidents, illness, surgery, and even different types of abuse. Energy work helps patients rebuild their energy fields, thus allowing the mind, body, and spirit to achieve balance and harmony.

“An example is that we can pump our own gas at a self-serve station, but sometimes we need an oil change and lube job. That is what the trained energy worker does.”

A healthy body is designed to heal itself physically, mentally, and even emotionally. But there are instances when stress, traumas, and other external forces take a toll even on the healthiest and most well-managed body. The majority of us have lost our ability to gather ourselves when confronted with heavy stressors and deal with their associated feelings. Our body, mind, and soul are overwhelmed, and we feel ill. That is the time to seek help professional help. That is the time to seek a well-trained energy worker like Alma Lightbody.

Alma’s Treatments hopes to create a safe and sacred environment, honoring boundaries, free will, trust, and self-responsibility.

Alma Lightbody’s treatment session is 90 mins. She works with fully clothed clients on her therapy table using a combination of hands-off and light touch. The treatment session covers many modalities and dimensions, including Shamanic Practices. What makes Alma Lightbody’s Treatment top-of-the-line aside from her many techniques is the addition of a unique energy mat created by Swiss Bionics and certified by Health Canada. It possesses the same frequencies as the earth and is our bodies’ exact frequency to maintain and recover our health.

Alma Lightbody’s treatment sessions cover the following possibilities:

  • energy balancing
  • spiritual growth
  • self-esteem
  • stress reduction
  • relationship issues
  • grief counseling
  • accident rehabilatation
  • trauma release
  • illness/surgery recovery
  • chemo & radiation clearing

About Alma Lightbody

Alma C. Lightbody is an author, healer, medicine woman, and therapist. She holds a degree in medical technology and MBA in business from Simon Fraser University. 

She seeks new knowledge and has acquired many degrees, lessons, and certificates over the years. As a healer, Alma Lightbody has over 20 years of experience under her name with healing practices that include therapy, energy work, and shamanic work. Alma Lightbody is also the owner of Vital Differences Consultants Inc. She is the author of two books, You’re Not the Boss of Me: 

Discover Your Authentic Self and My Wonderful Nightmare: Spiritual Journals Inspired by Cancer.


Please visit her website today to know more about Alma Lightbody, her books, and her treatments. You can also purchase her books through Amazon, Goodreads, and her website.


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