Evidently Wrong by Katrina Deverill

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Evidently Wrong by Katrina Deverill, is a captivating historic crime thriller set in 1980s England.

The story revolves around DCI Max Barton, a highly skilled investigator known for his talent in hunting down serial killers. While admired by many, he faces opposition from his Chief Super, Kaitlin Brown, due to their complicated past. Now, Kaitlin is determined to remove Max from the force, sparking a battle between them.

In addition to this professional conflict

Max is faced with the challenge of apprehending an unidentified serial killer. Meanwhile, he is also grappling with an unknown illness, adding another layer of complexity to his life. And with a serial killer he’s yet to arrest, his work is under close scrutiny, which is not something Max is used to. But with all that going on, his fight is on three fronts and so far, he’s not got a handle on one of them.

There’s more than his job at stake here, there’s lives, his health and the threat of ruin.

Max needs to beat all three problems to come through this one, but the ground he’s on is shaky to say the least. But behind every successful man is a team, and if Max is to overcome these three formidable obstacles, he’s going to want their help. The question is, will his team back him all the way when their boss is gunning for him? The inspiration for this book stems from my personal experience of witnessing my husband's gradual deterioration while struggling to maintain his job and conceal his symptoms. Following his diagnosis, I realised that he had exhibited early signs of the disease for years, highlighting the lack of awareness around these subtle symptoms. Motivated to shed light on this issue and contribute to Parkinson’s research, I have crafted a novel that blends entertainment with enlightenment.

The setting in the 1980s

allows for exploration of the significant advancements in DNA profiling and other technologies that shaped this amazing era. Thanks to Authors Lounge I also get to tell you about who I see as my target audience for Evidently Wrong. I’m a Lee Child and David Baldacci fan, so for me it has to be fans of gripping mysteries, crime thrillers, and page-turners. I seek to deliver a story that tugs at my readers heartstrings, evoking emotions such as hope and dread, with characters you want to get to know, while keeping you engaged until the very end.

Readers of various ages, from 18 to 80, who seek entertaining and relatable characters will enjoy this book.

For some it will be a trip down memory lane providing a little nostalgia, while for others it will give a little light history and some insight into a truly fascinating time. Beyond providing an enjoyable reading experience, my ultimate goal is to create awareness about the subtle and debilitating signs of Parkinson’s disease, allowing readers to remember or experience the 1980s while learning about this condition. With over 10 million sufferers worldwide and no known cure, I believe that by raising awareness and identifying early symptoms, lives can be saved. Just as DNA profiling revolutionized policing, I hope that advancements leading to a cure for Parkinson’s are on the horizon. The book also addresses the often-overlooked mental health impact of early Parkinson's, including anxiety and depression.

Looking ahead, I plan to continue DCI Max Barton’s story in the Evidently series.

The next instalment, Evidently Found, is already a work in progress. The series will cover the Barton family’s investigations from the 1980s to the 2020s, ensuring that Max’s illness does not define him and that his experiences as a top detective are passed on. As for me, writing is a passion that has emerged later in life. Taking writing seriously, it’s my greatest desire to bring happiness to readers and leave them craving more. With readers already asking when Book 2 will be available it’s given me a much-needed boost in confidence and helped to diminish the dreaded imposter syndrome most writers suffer from. While I initially explored the genre of magical realism, it was reading whodunnits that inspired a shift in my writing style. Although, each book penned by so far shares the common thread of being a mystery.

Readers can find all of my books, including Evidently Wrong, on platforms like Amazon and through various D2D partners such as Apple Books, Smash words, and Barnes Noble.

The book is available at this link:

My Website

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Additionally, the sequel, Evidently Found, will be released later this year, and

interested readers can find updates on my website regarding its availability.


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