Escape to Pebble Beach

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My writing journey began when I was fifteen years old. I poured myself into my english studies.

I spent my weekends writing essays for this class and was often asked to read out my work to the entire class. However though I dabbled through the years my first book wasn’t published until 2010. It was a biography and I really enjoyed writing it. I went down the traditional publishing route and was published by a reputable Irish publishing house. I did all the rounds of PR including being on the Late Late Show on T,V. And the Morning Show. I was featured on the radio quite a lot and in newspapers and magazines. I enjoyed the writing process so much that I wrote three fiction books and a childrens book after this. Again all were published by an american publishing house.  

Then in 2017 I returned to my home city of Cork in Ireland. I had spent the previous twelve years away working in part with the army. Alot had changed in Cork. Despite being a wealthy country there was a huge homeless and housing crisis. So many families, young and old people were struggling to pay their bills. On top of all of this inflation was rising at a rapid rate and wages were not increasing. As a result so many people were struglling just to survive. So I did alot of research and wanted to highlight these issues in a book. Something that I was also passionate about was mental health. I have read extensively on the subject and I have known so many people who have suffered with their mental health. 

So I set about writing a book with issues that I had researched and was familiar with. Escape to Pebble beach was born. It is a fiction book whose main character Beth finds herself homeless, completely broke and divorced. As I myself am divorced I know how painful this process is for anyone no matter what the circumstances.  So I have first hand knowledge of how devasting it is and how vulnerable it leaves you. 

Whilst homeless Beth in Escape to Pebble Beach almost dies one lonely stormy night sleeping in a tent. She develops some serious medical conditions and her mental health is pushed to the edge. She finally arrives at the hospital and receives the help she so desperately needs.  She spends weeks in hospital in an acute mental health facility as well as weeks in a homeless centre for women. I wanted to write a book that explored this side to Irish life. I wanted to write about the marganalised and often forgotten about. I wanted to highlight these issues so people have more understanding and have empathy. I wanted to show just how hard it is these days to keep your head above water in a country that seems on the surface to have it all. 

In essense so many people are just one pay check away from being served an eviction notice. We are also facing into a new generation most of which will never be able to own their own home. These days the price of a property in Ireland due to inflation is out of most peoples reach. A full generation of Irish adults are now living with their parents. 

Yet there is hope for Beth she receives huge support from the medical team and crisis team looking after her. This together with her family sets her on a path to recovery. She also meets a lovely homeless stranger who seems to be her saving grace. Beth rediscovers her passion for the beauty world. She finds a best friend and happiness triumphs. 

Escape to Pebble Beach by Valentine Tyson is available to download to your kindle on amazon at the link below. 


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