Enlighten your inner pineapple! by  Nólë & Síma 

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Hey there, beautiful people! 

    Lean in real close because I’ve got a little secret to spill: “You are NEVER ALONE in this journey called life.” 

    Like you, I’m on this fabulous self-discovery adventure, navigating life’s ups and downs. Even though it’s hard, I’m embracing every part of it – the good, the bad, and the in-between. From vulnerability, low self-esteem and anxiety to strength, self-love and joy, I own it all!

    But can we just take a moment to ponder who is this elusive creature that lies behind the pineapple? 

    His actual identity is Louis-Pierre; his pen name is Nòlë & Sìma (that sounds naughty, haha), but he is delighted to meet you! As he crafts this stunning journal, L.P. also works on his mindset, making him the ideal companion for your well-being trip.

    You’re probably excited to dive into all the deets about him, so I’m here to give you a sneak peek. And trust me, this isn’t one of those sugar-coated profiles, but rather all legit and real. 

Let’s kick things off…

    He finds himself forgetful like Dory, hard-headed, smart-ass and surrounded by a family of mentally talkative hamsters, which fires up his pogo stick range of emotions. Oh! I almost forgot that Louis is surprisingly quite shy in person, even if it takes him approximately an hour to eat a toast after waking up. Yea, it is a pretty shaky start, but no one is perfect. 

    It’s not easy, but here comes the sweet cherry on top!

    He’s a unique and creative individual with diverse traits, including a neurodivergent cocktail, being open-minded, curious, empathetic, playing with words, and having a knack for thinking outside the box. He has a unique ability to create connections and express his thoughts freely, whether unconventional, profound, or lighthearted, with a great sense of humour that can be light or dark. N&S is here to share his journey of beating challenges, expanding his world, finding his inner child and living his best life!

    Above all else, he has a good heart in the right (left, whatever) place. He is amazingly thankful for “The author’s lounge” for this article.

    And you know what? He’s about keeping things simple and visually appealing because that’s how his mind rolls! 

    By the way, why are you here? When was the last time you revisited your self-made agreement? Isn’t it time for an upgrade? 

    However since we’re all on the same vibe here, how could he bridges these two worlds and create a mind-blowing experience?

    His answer is to create this personal development journal containing 366 interconnected daily simple thoughts, gratitude vibes and mind-boggling facts. Still, it was such a struggle to write it! Matching up all those facts, simple ideas, and days was no joke! The grind never stops and only gets harder as you push yourself to new heights. 

    “Enlighten your inner pineapple” is about empowering you to level up your mindset, and unleash your full potential, just like it has brought a whole new level of understanding into my life!

Oh! I’ve got a quick tip for you! 

Start that book whenever you feel inspired. Don’t worry about following any particular order; dive right in and enjoy the journey. 

    Ready? – Join me on this incredible self-discovery journey as we navigate the twists and turns of life together! 

    Because these experiences shape us into the beautiful and authentic selves, we are today.Ps – By being available on https://a.co/d/38XxzyA , this book suits all ages! After all, everyone has that inner child just waiting to be unleashed, am I right?


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