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Each of our souls is born into the world embarking on a journey of great uncertainty.  What will be our fate, fortune, triumphs, and challenges?  How much from genetics, disease, environment, or others around us?  What mighty storms will envelop us? This is discussed at Author’s Lounge related to my recent book, Under My Bubbe’s Wings 


Great events and swirling chaos might bring stresses, redirecting, overtaking, and consuming us.  Will we be totally defeated or confront them with courageous obstinacy?  Our outcome will evolve according to our luck and tenacity.

Herein is the true life memoir of two victims, the author’s parents, entrapped in that greatest of destructive storms, the Nazi Holocaust, during the vast tumult, carnage, and cataclysm of WWII.  While all members of their families were rounded up and eliminated straightaway, along with millions of others, these two are brutalized in the sprawling slave labor camps, toiling under their Nazi tyrants, as expounded at Author’s Lounge.

Throughout his ordeals, the author’s father perceives the spiritual aura of his late Bubbe’s angelic guardianship.  Thus grandma’s love sustains him according to a vivid vision early on, vowing to cloak him with her protection.

Suffering harsh maltreatment, distress, and multiple near-death close-calls, they endure years of adversity.  Their travails include surprising associations with friend and foe, of various backgrounds.

Liberation brings realization of their complete loss of family and aloneness in the world.  Displaced and disconnected from their origins, still in their early twenties, they find each other to rekindle the continuity of life. 

This saga culminates with their survival and the launching of a new family together in freedom, having endured extreme hardships, losses, and savagery. See Author’s Lounge for more.

Iser Flaum


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