Echoes of Loneliness By Diane Troup

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 Echoes of Loneliness

In the darkness of a storm, there are shadows, and in the shadows. I am there.Echoes of Loneliness book cover

Beyond the pigtails and shy smile, there is a little girl who has endured things beyond her precious few years. Abandoned, abused, and unloved, she yearns for a gentle touch, a warm smile, open and welcoming arms, From early childhood and through her adolescence , author Diane Troup weathered the deafening storm alone, her mother gone, her brothers ripped from her old life, she was tossed from home to home, looking for someone to protect her from the savage winds of an unkind world. As she recounts her tumultuous childhood, listen to the Echoes of Loneliness ringing through her words, see the dark clouds of sadness etched in her face, and catch the glimmering ray of hope sparkling in her blue eyes, for the creator of the storm brings peace, quiet, and restoration to those whose trust in him is unwavering. ,

 About the Author

Diana Troup author imageDiane Troup, who originally grew up in Herndon, Pa and then moved to just outside of Millersburg, PA is now Diane Gambino.  She worked with mentally, and physically challenged people for most of her life. Although, now, semi-retired she worked as a Training liaison for a non-profit company in PA. She was married for 23 years to a wonderful man , Frank, who blessed her with four beautiful children, Eric, Christina, Shawn and Ryan, who were the center of her world. Now her world has broadened, and she has been blessed with four beautiful granddaughters, Elizabeth, Molly, Allison, and Alexis. She was married again in 2007 to a charming and handsome Italian, named Cristofaro. Life was good but like all things in life, are subject to change. Just seven years of their life together, her h husband was killed in a hit and run accident. However; along with the pain of losing someone she loved, another blessing was born about a year later. A friend of Diane’s asked her to move to California to help him . She now resides in Laguna Woods Village, California where she enjoys many activities and the beautiful ocean, which has always been a passion of hers.


  1. Hummer

    This is such a heartbreaking story.

    • rebecca

      I agree. Thank you for sharing it to the world.


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