Drake Storm, Path of Spirits

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My debut novel, “Drake Storm, Path of Spirits” takes place in the southeast United States and tells the story of Drake Storm, a retired Special Forces Operator and member of the Mighty Catawba Nation. He is a member of a local search and rescue team and is seeking his two year old niece whom he fears is a victim of human trafficking.

Drake suspects she was abducted by a former family friend and drug user. While on a search and rescue mission in the Appalachian mountains, Drake and a red haired Native American team member stumble upon an ancient Catawba Path of Spirits. It was used by Catawba Warriors of ancient times to travel through hidden places and surprise their enemies. Human traffickers are using the Path to move their victims unseen through the fringes of a world of spirit forces-both good and evil.

With the help of a wise World War Two veteran, a Gullah Root Doctor and powerful allies from a world beyond, Drake brings down the human trafficking organization which extends into the depths of big business, law enforcement and the highest offices of the U.S. government.

My inspiration came from participating in searches for individuals that had a poor home environment and had run away from their parents, guardians or caretakers.

I became interested in learning the clues and warning signs of human trafficking. When on a search, we go into areas that are rarely, if ever, seen by the average citizen or law enforcement.  Houses that are a half mile off the road at the end of a dirt drive.  Abandoned mobile homes, possibly being used for meth production or makeshift transient shelter towns. I felt knowing the signs of trafficking could be beneficial.

The Human / Sex Trafficking / Child Exploitation crisis is astoundingly high among people of color – specifically black and indigenous females. In 2020, I learned of President Trumps Executive Order 13898 creating a Task Force on Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives.

A secondary motive for writing my book was to shed light on search and rescue technicians. We work with local law enforcement to search for the lost subject. In the rain, snow, heat, cold, mountainous terrain where there are no trails. We search swamps, riverbanks, lakes, and often at night.  This is dangerous work and I have seen many law enforcement officers injured while searching, as they are rarely equipped for ground searches. Still, they search. We are there to give them a break so the search can continue or to bolster their coverage. We often help provide a happy ending to the family of the search subject. All too often, we can only provide closure to families of those that don’t come home alive. 

I wrote the book with the military, law enforcement and first responder readers in mind.

It has some technical jargon and technology that will resonate with them. However, anyone that enjoys a fast paced, action filled novel will enjoy my book. Filled with history of the various indigenous tribes of the southeast US, the Gullah people of the coastal regions of South Carolina, and various folklore and tall tales, I hope many will find it enjoyable.

It is my hope that my book might in some small way be the catalyst for others to learn the warning signs of human trafficking. Military personnel, law enforcement and first responders are on the front lines, looking for signs of trafficking, ordinary citizens can be a huge part of their efforts. Recognizing the signs and reporting them to law enforcement might help someone already imprisoned, or perhaps prevent someone from being enslaved.

I am working on my second novel where Drake Storm and team travel to the New England states searching for his niece while continuing to fight trafficking and exploitation. It too, will be a combination of fact, fiction and folklore.

I spent 40 years in business where the only writing I can claim were technical manuals and quality procedures. I reside in the southeast United States with my wife, children and their families, eight grand dogs (two are search and rescue K9s), two grand cats and an assortment of chickens.

What Others Are Saying About Drake Storm, Path of Spirits…

“GC Moore is clearly a talented and engaging new author providing an accurate picture of how SAR teams work and the emotions faced by those in the field. I found it impossible to put down!” – David Hartman, AMPWDA K9 Trainer; Civil Air Patrol Mission Pilot; Former Director of Engineering, Oracle

Great story… After the first few pages, I was hooked. There was so much historical information in the storyline, cleverly woven in through events, characters, and supernatural events. If you are a fan of Clive Cussler or Saul Herzog, you will love this book.

Great read… This is not my usual genre, but once I started, I had a hard time putting it down! The characters were great, and it was full of interesting information! I can’t wait to recommend it to my family and friends!

You can contact me at  [email protected] or visit my website at http://GCMoore.Net where I have posted blogs about some odd occurrences while writing Path of Spirits and some information about my search and rescue team.

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