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Alma Lightbody passes on powerful lessons through her books for spiritual growth and guidance. She got these from the masters and the ancient traditions, so readers wake up from the malaise of modernity.

Modern society has given people much to enjoy. This includes the Internet, television, trains and planes, K-pop, and anime.

Yet, hundreds of millions of people go about working and interacting with society all over the globe. However, they are living deeply unfulfilled lives. It is because the promises of modernity, the technologies everyone takes for granted, have led to the widespread alienation of almost everyone. People are no longer connected with their communities and find it challenging to be in awe of the natural world.

Spirituality has been lost to the masses. But despite this alienation, people are still desperate to fill the void left behind that technology cannot ever provide. We are still in search of answers. There is still a calling towards spirituality that most cannot find. Alma Lightbody provides us with answers. Her books for spiritual growth and guidance reconnect us with our inner selves. It also teaches us to be aware of the profound spirituality hidden beneath the trappings of the modern world.

Alma Lightbody: A Modern-Day Shaman

Having had numerous and often unsatisfactory relationships, a laborious bankruptcy, and a near-death experience with gastrointestinal bleeding, Alma Lightbody had an epiphany and underwent a profound inner awakening. She realized that she had to learn much and began her spiritual journey.

A life-long introspective, Alma studied and educated herself, acquiring several degrees in various fields. These include medicine, business management, and sales. She is always searching for truth and answers to the questions this vast universe poses to each of us.

This quest for truth led her to travel worldwide in her youth, meeting knowledgeable teachers in energy medicine and shamanic healing. She eventually culminated in a dedicated practice that has been going on for a quarter of a century. Alma Lightbody is a healer, medicine woman, consultant, and therapist. Alma’s discovered purpose is healing others and helping people answer the question: “Who am I?”

Alma Lightbody wrote books covering her spiritual journey. She hopes that disseminating her experiences will lead to others’ awakening and the discovery of their inner lives.

You’re Not the Boss of Me

Lightbody’s You’re Not the Boss of Me offers thoughtful perspectives and insightful experiences even for skeptics of spirituality and mysticism.

Peppered with excerpts from her personal life, You’re Not the Boss of Me helps readers take responsibility for the chaos of their lives, guiding them towards self-discovery and possibility.

You’re Not the Boss of Me is a handy manual explaining how external influences subtly and profoundly shape our personalities and perceptions of the world and how we can improve and become independent of those influences.

My Wonderful Nightmare

My Wonderful Nightmare is a collaborative effort between doctor and patient. Lightbody, compiling the journals of Erin Higgins, tells us a thought-provoking narrative that deals with inner crises of faith and how, ultimately, someone can emerge triumphant and with a more enlightened soul.

In these pages, Lightbody lays out Higgins’s process of self-discovery after a cancer diagnosis throws her life off balance. They detail her treatments, research, and the inner turmoil rocking her life. What unfolds is a powerful story of acceptance, honesty, and transformation—showcasing that there are lessons and profundity to be had, whatever obstacles in life.

Discovering Ourselves

Whatever your thoughts of the spiritual world, there is no denying that the discovery of oneself is exceptionally beneficial to those who undertake it. In this world of ruthless algorithms and cold machinery: the human spirit is indomitable and will always find a way to flourish.


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