Discovering Our Spirituality Using Science and Data

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Significant data using scientific insights have led us to a better understanding of our spirituality.

The quest to finding our origin and the reason for our existence is filled with questions. For over millennia, rational thinking and spirituality have always been at odds with each other to answer these essential questions. The discovery of science and scientific methods has allowed us to find some of the answers we seek. Nowadays, we are also thinking about discovering our spirituality using science and data.

On the other hand, spirituality and religion flourished as an institution that governs many aspects of our existence, such as laws, morality, culture, and social order. But every time science puts forward a milestone, religious institutions, especially Christianity, have always felt threatened, and their animosity towards each other has led to bloodshed and centuries of misgivings.

However, the past few decades have provided us with significant data using scientific insights on how to discover our inner selves better and improve our spiritual well-being. And this is slowly being recognized by secular organizations, if not by many in the Christian communities.

The Science of Spirituality: Improving Humanity

From physics to psychology, the past decades have revealed many astonishing proofs that science and spirituality can work together and help improve humanity physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course, spirituality. Science’s impact on how the modern man adapts to the challenges of the 21ts century is recorded in scientific journals, medical experiments, and modern literature. But can they help us in discovering our spirituality using science and data?

Neil C.Griffen, the author of the book From Science to Spirituality, firmly believes that science and religion work together to improve our understanding of the world and humanity’s existence. In his book, he discussed significant data to support the benefits of using scientific insights when analyzing spiritual issues, and this includes the often volatile debate regarding the existence of one God.

How is Science Impacting Spirituality Mostly Demonstrated?

When it comes to science impacting spirituality, the demonstrations of it are mostly in the field of psychology and medicine.

According to Positive Psychology,

“Theorists, as early as William James, have hypothesized that an individual’s spiritual practices can influence physiological as well as psychological well-being. With so many links to immune system boosts and higher survival rates in heart surgery survivors, it is important to have a look at the proven benefits of spirituality.

Though the causality of spiritual influence in physiological well-being is more challenging to prove, there is ample evidence to highlight the benefits one might experience by having a spiritual practice.”

Despite this, millions of people would agree that they don’t need experiential evidence to intuit that spirituality indeed has impacted their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Embracing Science to Improve Spirituality

The impact of science in our everyday lives has always been evident. The recent years also showed that it could help usher a new age for how we view and understand spirituality and human behavior—the recent experiments, documentations, and theories all aid in improving our knowledge of the human psyche.

In the future, we expect deeper insights and more scientific data that will guide us in embracing our spirituality and improving our well-being. Hence, it is important to keep our minds with what science still has to offer.

Humankind has journeyed this planet with the aid of science and faith. These two forces, often pitted against each other, are the same two forces that will lead humanity to a better and more progressive feature. We must learn to harness these two fundamental forces if we are to survive modern society’s challenges.

Science and spirituality cannot afford to go back to the dark ages of conflict and mistrust. If it does, we might never be successful in discovering our spirituality using science and data.

*Neil C. Griffen is a physicist, medium, and author of the groundbreaking book From Science to Spirituality. To know more about his works, purchase a copy of his book, or you can visit his author website today.


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