Disciples by Christopher Michael

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Hello, I am highly amazed to be able to be given this opportunity to talk about the publishing Disicples.

Disciples was a gift given by the Holy Spirit and I stand by that, because of my faith and knowing. I also say this because—even though I along with everyone else have creativity inside, some unearthly energy just flowed through me and it was written in a total of 12 hours. Though it was not an overnight happening and it is in entirety from a sinner saved by Jesus Christ.

For a couple years, I would say from 2017-2019.

I wanted to give the world that I am apart of some real power. Not money or the rarest objects on Earth, but I wanted to give knowledge and wisdom. Disciples was a quick write I suppose, but it started taking shape in 2019, it was completed May 2022, and published January 31, 2023. There was not any other reason to create Disciples other than, I being a writer wanted something special to be my first publication and wanted many people to have a piece of peace to be able to read and have always, and I believe it will now be around forever. That to me is what is better than anything.

Disciples is now apart of world history. 90,000 years down the road.

They might find a copy, and yes I have put one away to where hopefully, a civilian from the far future is able to find it. This is really for every human of all walks of life. I truly believe I have been and am still being used as His writer. I admit I do not remember writing any of these pages as I go back and read it, but yes for legality it is considered my work and I did write, type, and publish it.

I just do believe I was letting the LORD take over me so to speak. Disciples contains scriptures before the chapters take place. It was unintentional that they coincide with the chapters, but like I said, that is the Holy Spirit working itself in this book.

I assure this book is to put a seed in minds and souls that will grow nothing but abundant fruits for people.

to have and give others they come across. If we can all find a middle ground, with righteousness in everyone. We as a unity can create a Christendom planet among the universe. Meanwhile I am an actor and have been in film and theatre acting since I got out of high school. My first professional international acting job was a supporting role for an Amazon Prime original series. I talked with the producers after season 2 and let them know I was passing the torch for another individual to get a shot at their dream as I was starting my own production company as well.

I did. It is called Thy Kingdom Company and as of December 2022, it is a registered business. I have a couple things lined up that I cannot speak on yet. My instagram handle is @christophermichaelellis and in time I will post future project updates there. I have received great reception and responses in regards to readers who have read Disciples informing me what a well written text it is. I am honored by these compliments and I am in much amazement that it is being respected and I humbly owe all that thanks to thy LORD, thy God.

May peace be with us.
In Jesus Christ,

Disciples by C.EL is available on Amazon


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